Panametrics TRANSPORT AURORA for Rent, Portable Gas Moisture Analyzer, TDLAS
Portable Gas Moisture Analyzer TDLAS



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Panametrics TRANSPORT AURORA for Rent, Portable Gas Moisture Analyzer, TDLAS

Portable Gas Moisture Analyzer TDLAS



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Product Highlights

The Aurora TransPort is an on-the-go moisture analyzer that delivers the reliability and accuracy of tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) moisture measurement in a transportable system. It takes its technology from the field-proven Aurora moisture analyzer, packaging it in a system that weighs less than 50 pounds (23 kg) so that a single user can move and operate it easily from one measurement point to another.

The complete analyzer, including the measurement absorption cell, electronics/user interface, process gas connections and sample system, is housed in a rugged case equipped with wheels and a handle for trouble-free transportation. The Aurora TransPort is also versatile, operating either on line power or by battery for at least eight hours.

Aurora TransPort’s TDLAS technology is ideal for portable measurements because it rapidly responds to changes in moisture content in a variety of background gases, reducing the overall time necessary for a stable measurement. In addition to being easy to move and having the right technology for fast response, the Aurora TransPort is straightforward to learn, configure and operate. With Aurora TransPort at your side, you can make more spot measurements in less time.

  • Complete system housed in rugged enclosure
  • Transportable carry case with wheels and handle for simple mobility
  • Suitable for operation by single users with system weight less than 50 pounds (23 kilograms)
  • Patented pressure and temperature compensation
  • AuroraView intuitive software package
  • Operates on AC power or via battery for at least eight hours
  • Analog and digital outputs
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Capable of multiple calibration curves for different process conditions
  • User-selectable equivalent dew point calculation conforming to ISO 18453, ASTM D 1142, or GOST 8.547


  • Outlets of natural gas dehydration, typically triethylene glycol (TEG) dryers or molecular sieve dryers 
  • Interconnect points of natural gas pipelines
  • Custody transfer points of natural gas
  • Into and out of natural gas storage
  • Carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery and carbon sequestration
  • Metal heat treating furnace gases
  • Hydrogen recycle gas in reforming


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