Dionamix L-3220
HPLC Binary Pump

Order #: L-3220

Mfg #: 3021003220

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Dionamix L-3220

HPLC Binary Pump

Order #: L-3220

Mfg #: 3021003220

Availability: Ships in 3-4 weeks
This product is available for shipping to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico only.
This product is available for shipping to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico only.
This product is available for shipping to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico only.

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Product Highlights

  • High pressure up to 9000 psi (62 MPa) pump with flow rates up to 10 mL/min
  • Isocratic, Binary or Quaternary high pressure pumps
  • Dual pump with precision feedback control design to increase pressure stability
  • Quaternary system with an innovative gradient proportionate valve to achieve less than 1% gradient accuracy

At the heart of HPLC system is a high pressure pump used to transmit the mobile phase solvents, combined with the sample under test, into a chromatographic column. The Dionamix L-3200 series pumps deliver the pressure needed to overcome the resistance of the column while providing stable pressure (non-pulsating) at precisely controlled flow rates. 

The Dionamix L-3200 pumps employ a combination of control algorithms and double plunger constant flow pump design to achieve precise flow and pressure control. The Dionamix double plunger pump design integrates a primary stage to transmit fluids and secondary stage working in tandem to control pulsation and flow rate. The L-3200 series pumps include overpressure and leakage alarms to improve safety and pump reliability.

L-3210 HPLC Isocratic Pump

One dual stage pump for isocratic elution

L-3220 HPLC Binary Pump

Two dual stage pumps for mixing two mobile phases of different polarities in any proportion to generate a isocratic or gradient elution.

L-3245 HPLC Quaternary Pump

Quaternary electromagnetic distribution valve to control flow of 4 solvents of differing polarities under low pressure.

One dual stage high pressure pump to transmit combined liquids to the chromatographic column.

Combined the quaternary valve and high-pressure pump produce isocratic or gradient elution

Isocratic versus Gradient Elution

With Isocratic elution, the mobile phase is kept at a constant over the analysis period. Isocratic elution is best suited for samples that have few components and similar characteristics.

In gradient elution mode, the mobile phase is composed of solvents having different polarities, controlling the proportions of which alters the capacity factor k (retention of an analyte on the chromatographic column) thus optimizing component separation in the shortest amount of time.

Gradient elution improves degree of separation, reduces analysis time and increases sensitivity, therefore best applies to analysis of complex components or those that have considerable differences in polarity.

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  1. Dionamix 2010003743
    Dionamix 2010003743
    C-type inlet check valve sleeve L-32XX Pumps

    Order #: 2010003743

    Mfg #: 2010003743

    Availability: Ships in 3-4 weeks
Max Pressure 9000 psi @ 0.000 mL/min - 2.000 mL/min 6000 psi @ 2.001 mL/min - 5.000 mL/min 3000 psi @ 5.001 mL/min - 10.00 mL/min
Flow Rate 0.001 mL/min - 10.00 mL/min
Flow Rate Accuracy ±0.5% @ 1 mL/min, water
Flow Rate Repeatability 0.1% @ 1 mL/min, water
Gradient Accuracy (L-3220 & L-3245) ±1%
Gradient Repeatability (L-3220 & L-3245) 0.2% SD
Online Degassing (L-3245 Only) 4-channel (480 µL/Channel)
Weight L-3210 17 kg (37.5 lbs)L-3220 22 kg (48.5 lbs)L-3245 17 kg (37.5 lbs)
Dimension (L x W x H) 464 x 370 x 143 mm 18.3 x 14.6 x 5.7 inches
Voltage 110 VAC rms - 240 VAC rms
Frequency 50 Hz - 60 Hz
Power 60 W max
Operating Temperature 15°C - 35°C 59°F - 95°F
Operating Humidity 20% RH - 80% RH