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Torque Multiplier Calibration Services from Transcat

At Transcat, we calibrate torque multipliers of all types. We ensure fasteners are properly tightened for optimal safety and mechanical performance. Improperly tightened bolts or nuts could negatively affect a single part, or a complete piece of machinery. Keeping your tools for torque control regularly calibrated means you have confidence in their output during a range of torque applications. Multipliers that are operating to specifications will contribute to operator efficiency and company productivity. This also means users expend less energy getting the job done. Properly calibrated multipliers allow mechanics to tighten or loosen quickly, even in tight spaces.

Our NIST-traceable torque tool calibrations cover multipliers and wrenches from every manufacturer. With a wide-ranging North American lab network, we ensure that torque multiplying equipment functions with the required accuracy and meets exact quality requirements.

Calibration Services to Confirm Torque Multiplier Reliability

During a torque multiplier calibration, we will verify that the tool is performing to specified output tolerances. Our capabilities benefit industries that must ensure bolts and nuts are reliably and consistently tightened. With a tool operating to specifications, the tough jobs, such as loosening corroded nuts, are accomplished more easily. Within our accessible network of laboratories, we have six accredited torque standard calibration labs across the US and Canada. Our torque calibration records will support your efforts regarding inspections by an OEM or other organization.

  • We calibrate all types of torque multipliers, including those from Plarad, Norbar, Stahlwille, Wright Tools, Gedore Tools, and other brands.
  • Our services cover tools with a full scope of size, output and ratio specifications.
  • We provide industry-leading ISO/IEC 17025-accredited capabilities for torque wrenches and multipliers.
  • Transcat torque tool calibrations are ISO 9001-compliant, with true SI unit traceability through NIST.
  • We calibrate instruments in our accredited labs with a superior level of efficiency.

Comprehensive Torque Tool Services

Transcat stands out from the competition with our depth of torque tool knowledge and experience. We calibrate and repair most every type of industrial torque tool that is used in standard to heavy duty applications. We offer world-class expertise to help organizations efficiently manage calibration programs for torque equipment. Every Transcat calibration is performed according to stringent quality processes, with reliable consistency throughout our lab locations. In addition to torque multiplier services, we provide:

  • Calibration and repair for all makes and models of torque wrenches, such as Stahwille, Wright, Norbar, Milwaukee Tools and more
  • Calibrations of torque transducers in various configurations
  • Precision torque tool capabilities, with specifications as high as 3,000 ft.lbs

What are the benefits of choosing Transcat Torque Calibration Services?

  • Rely on the elite skills of highly trained technicians, many of whom are ASQ certified.
  • Be confident in services performed in strict conformance to manufacturer and industry standards, or tailored to specialized applications.
  • Easily access calibration reports, online at any time, streamlining quality and compliance tracking.

The Calibration of Torque Multipliers

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