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Thread Gage Calibration Services from Transcat

We calibrate threaded gages of all types that are used as standards for parts inspection and verification. Our accredited Thread Gage Calibration Services can confirm that gages are within manufactured specifications and supporting your quality assurance program. With world-class expertise, our highly trained technicians calibrate thread plug and ring gages, pipe thread gages, and the full scope of gaging products. Transcat is a global authority in providing calibrations of dimensional tools according to industry standards, high quality processes and stringent uncertainty control.

In addition to standard calibrations for working gages, we offer in-depth services for the master thread gages used to regularly check working gage accuracy. Transcat dimensional calibration services support the quality efforts of industry that can be critical to production and safety. The calibration of thread gages can ensure that these tools accurately identify those manufactured parts that should not pass inspection ‚ before they leave a facility or lead to a costly recall.

Can Thread Gage Calibration Accuracy Be Assured?

With a dedication to stringent quality procedures, our highly skilled technicians inspect and certify critical gage dimensions. We determine if gages conform to their class or if they are no longer in tolerance and require repair for a return to standards. Since pitch diameter can be affected by wear, a program of regular inspection and calibration is crucial. Thread gage calibration also involves the identification of thread defects. The rigorous procedures demand Transcat's commitment to exacting processes developed by our metrology experts. We offer organizations the assurance of:

  • Industry-leading capabilities that support comprehensive calibrations of internal and external thread gages, including inspections of pitch diameter, minor/major diameter and thread lead
  • Services for all thread gage brands and classes including Accu-Gage, SPI, Vermont Gage, and more
  • Thread gage calibrations to cover reversible, taperlock, and trilock types
  • Industry-leading ISO/IEC 17025-accredited capabilities
  • Onsite and laboratory calibrations featuring ISO 9001 compliance and traceability through NIST

Thread Gage Calibration Lab Services

Dimensional Calibration Lab Expertise

Transcat offers Dimensional Calibration Services throughout our North American network of accredited calibration labs. Accuracy in gaging can be linked to improved productivity for manufacturing industries. Two of our laboratories also offer reference level dimensional standards, such as for ring gages and master setting plugs. Our gage calibrations are available for every tool style: plug, pin, height, feeler, bore, and ring. In addition to all types of gages, our trusted dimensional expertise spans:

  • Micrometers of every type: bore, depth, groove, and head
  • Dial, digital, and vernier caliper calibration services
  • Tape measure, straight edge, ruler and other dimensional hand tools

Transcat's North American Accredited Calibration Lab Network

  • Be confident in a lab network that offers strict conformance to industry-leading processes established by renowned metrology experts
  • Use our online CalTrak system to track the inspection history and certification documents of every thread gage calibration
  • Rely on an internal quality team that practices continual oversight to ensure procedural uniformity and system quality

The Calibration of Thread Gages

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