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Stopwatch Calibration Services: When Timing Is Everything

Timing can play a critical role in laboratory, medical or manufacturing applications. The precision and expertise of our accredited stopwatch calibration services makes us uniquely qualified to verify the accuracy and (NIST) traceability of the stopwatches you use to measure or control your processes. We calibrate the timing devices that monitor strain rates, check flow measurements, determine drying intervals or even control health-impacting exposures. Transcat performs Stopwatch Calibration Services on digital and analog models from the full range of manufacturers. We help organizations meet their measurement or traceability requirements by confirming optimal stopwatch functionality. In certain applications, the inaccuracy of a timing device can harm productivity and safety. That's why Transcat's unparalleled capabilities in accredited timing calibration are an asset for companies of all sizes.

What Makes A Transcat Calibrated Stopwatch Superior?

Transcat's accredited calibration laboratories throughout the U.S. and Canada offer high quality, SI traceable services through NIST that verify the precision timing and stability of all types of stopwatches, so companies meet internal and external requirements. Our extensive range of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation covers our capabilities in confirming the accuracy of time interval instruments. Transcat's skilled metrology technicians regularly calibrate stopwatches used as field standards and working stopwatches that must generate valid results.

  • We calibrate digital stopwatches, featuring quartz oscillators and electronic circuitry, as well as analog stopwatches that utilize mechanical systems. Our comprehensive services also cover bench timers and controllers with stopwatch modes.
  • Transcat laboratories perform SI-traceable calibrations for commercial stopwatches from a full range of manufacturers, including Extech, Hanhart and Control Company.
  • Our staff takes more measurements against a highly accurate time standard than typical calibration providers. The calibration processes, designed by metrology experts, deliver stringent control over measurement accuracies and uncertainties.
  • Transcat performs over 290,000 accredited calibrations annually, including industry-leading services for devices that measure time and frequency.

The Toll of Stopwatch Inaccuracy

Timer and stopwatch calibrations are often performed semi-annually as specified by the manufacturer. They are also needed following a repair or when inaccuracy is identified. In an instant, a timing error could impact product quality and research validity. So if you need of a world-class calibration lab staffed by leading metrology authorities, Transcat can serve all of your timing and electrical device calibration needs at highly competitive rates. Our expertise includes calibrations customized to application specifications. Transcat's knowledgeable technicians average more than a decade of experience individually, and many are ASQ Certified Calibration Technician (CCTs). Also, the managers that oversee Transcat laboratories have hundreds of years of combined metrology experience.

Broad Scope of Electrical Calibration Services

  • Our premier electrical calibration services also cover multimeters, sensors, power supplies, transmitters and load cells.
  • High-voltage capabilities up to 120,000 VDC and reference-level electrical DC/AC-LF laboratory standard capabilities are available in our Houston metrology lab.
  • Our proactive service commitment means you receive rapid turnarounds on your timing and electrical devices.
  • Transcat offers onsite or in-process calibration services. Clients receive the same industry-leading standards for quality and accuracy with every service option.

Protecting Stopwatch Precision

For more information on calibrating stopwatches, please use our Live Chat system located on the right side of the page, Request a Quote form, contact us, or call Transcat directly at 800-828-1470.