Transcat Calibration servicesTranscat Calibration services

Soldering Station & Soldering Iron Calibration Services

A Transcat accredited soldering station calibration can verify the performance of digital power units and tools for soldering. It will document that the soldering equipment used in critical manufacturing processes is performing as required and specified. Our highly skilled technicians calibrate soldering station power units, as well as complete systems with corresponding soldering irons and pencils. Our world-class quality management system can ensure that the power station or entire soldering system supplies acceptable power and temperature ranges for optimal production quality. We want you to have full confidence in your benchtop or handheld soldering equipment, whether it is utilized in manufacturing, rework or repair. Our capabilities include the performance verification of temperature-variable and steady-output temperature soldering devices. At Transcat, we offer proven quality processes in both Electrical and Temperature calibrations, making us the ideal provider for your NIST-traceable calibrations of soldering stations with the highest level of quality and accuracy. Request a free quote today!

Soldering Station Calibration Verifies Accuracy

Our skilled technicians help to ensure that every component in your soldering station system meets accuracy and repeatability requirements. Our capabilities cover soldering stations, pencils, and irons. Transcat's has the quality processes in place to accurately calibrate all of your station types, including controlled-output, high powered, and digital soldering stations, plus air de-soldering units. Our industry-leading soldering station calibrations can provide:

  • ISO/IEC 17025 accredited capabilities, onsite or in one of our North American laboratories.
  • Services for the full range of industrial soldering stations and compatible components manufactured by leaders such as Weller and Danaher Tool Group.
  • Stations that come with various wattage, temperature range/accuracy/stability, and voltage input/output.
  • Calibrations performed with true traceability to SI units through NIST, and with ISO 9001 compliance.

Soldering Station & Soldering Iron Calibration Lab Services

Custom & OEM Quality Soldering Calibration Services

At Transcat, we can calibrate a soldering system in its specific configuration. Adding a new soldering iron into a station or even replacing a heating element in a hand piece could lead to the need for station recalibration. We calibrate the temperature controlled soldering irons/station at regular intervals in regards to tip temperature, leakage voltage and resistance to assist you in meeting any regulatory requirements. Transcat is distinguished in our industry for our accuracy, quality and traceability, but we also are committed to delivering competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service.

Soldering Station & Soldering Iron Calibration Lab Services

Electrical and Electronic Power Units

Transcat calibrates a comprehensive range of electrical and electronic instruments including those that control the temperature of a soldering application. We approach every station as a unique system with components of specific voltages and power consumptions. Each of our labs provides dedicated electrical services and will:

  • Repeatedly check unexpected results found during the testing of electronically controlled tools, protecting you against out-of-tolerance processes and inefficiency
  • Provide rapid turnarounds on calibrations performed to OEM or customized specifications
  • Deliver accredited electrical calibrations that exceed stringent quality requirements

Calibrate Digital Soldering Stations

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