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Accredited RF Power Sensor Calibration Services

You need accurate power measurements in order to design, manufacture and test RF products, and a Transcat calibration can provide greater assurance of RF instrument accuracy. Transcat performs accredited calibrations of RF power sensors and other test and measurement instruments. We have the depth of knowledge and experience to confirm the performance of a wide range of radio frequency and microwave equipment. Our microwave and RF calibration capabilities cover power sensor modules, power meters, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, signal generators, oscilloscopes and ScopeMeters. We calibrate equipment built by leaders in RF measurements, such as Keysight Technologies, Booton, Anritsu, Agilent, and other manufacturers.

RF Power Sensor Calibration Services from Transcat

Flexible Radio Frequency Calibration Expertise

Transcat is a respected authority in the calibration of a wide range of precision devices for the measurement of RF signal strength. During a Power Sensor Calibration, we accurately measure the power of radio frequency signals. We use state-of-the-art systems to test the parameters that are specific to your instrument and its operation. Or we can work within requirements that are customized to your application. Our electrical calibration labs offer the skilled technicians and advanced equipment needed to achieve manual or automated RF testing, which is characterized by low levels of uncertainty.

RF Power Sensor Testing Capabilities

You can benefit from Transcat’s deep calibration experience. Our RF calibrations will take into account the functionality of your sensor, including whether it is part of a basic or complex operational system. We offer:

Radio Frequency Sensor Calibrations for a Full Range of Devices

Transcat can accurately complete the detailed process required to confirm the performance of power meter sensors, whether they are to be used in an aerospace or communications application. Choose a Transcat calibration that is performed conveniently on your site or in one of our accredited Calibration Labs across North America. Our RF power calibration services deliver:

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