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Attenuator Calibration Services

Transcat’s expertise in Radio Frequency Attenuator Calibrations helps to ensure the accuracy and performance of your fixed, switched, variable, or other RF attenuators. With the industry’s foremost thought leaders and an advanced scope of RF and Microwave capabilities, we calibrate attenuators, signal generators, power meters, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, time domain reflectometers, and other RF testing devices. Transcat has the expertise to service high accuracy devices, built by leading manufacturers, which measure and generate radio frequency signals.

Attenuator Calibration Services from Transcat

Attenuation Calibration Capabilities

The attenuators used in radio frequency circuit applications decrease signal strength without distortion. Since attenuators serve key purposes, such as controlling a signal to prevent an overload, it’s vital that their performance, accuracy, and repeatability be confirmed. Our technicians are specially trained to conduct quality RF attenuator calibrations of fixed, switched and variable types, either at your site or in one of our ISO 17025-accredited laboratories. We will ensure that your equipment is operating within published specifications and that its parameters, such as attenuation, accuracy, frequency response, and impedance, are suitable for your requirements. We service attenuators and other RF instruments to ensure performance complies with manufacturer’s specification – or customized requirements – throughout a device’s complete frequency range.

How Does Transcat Verify Radio Frequency Performance?

You chose your RF devices based on specifications that suit your applications. When it comes to attenuators, we can calibrate manual and programmable units, which come with various types of inputs and perform specific tasks. Transcat RF Calibration Services will deliver the following advantages:

  • Highly skilled technicians ready to calibrate attenuators and RF equipment built by Anritsu, Keysight Technologies, B&K Precision, Narda, Rhode Schwarz and other premier manufacturers
  • Calibration Services that are ISO 9001-compliant
  • True traceability to SI (international standard) units through NIST
  • A choice of accredited calibration service levels to meet your budget
  • The option for calibrations tailored to your equipment type and requirements

Unmatched Services to Ensure Device Reliability

Choose a Transcat calibration to ensure the reliability of RF power measurement and monitoring. We have the advanced testing equipment to calibrate instruments that are used in the field or the R&D lab. Radio frequency services are just one discipline within our comprehensive electrical and electronics calibrations. We are committed to delivering exceptional service, including:

  • Calibrations for virtually all types of equipment used in RF, microwave, and EMC testing
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate your operational demands
  • Rapid service turnarounds
  • Online access to completed compliance documentation
  • Service consistency due to our centrally controlled processes and datasheets

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