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Plug Gage Calibration Lab Services

A plug gage is a critical quality control tool used to verify that manufacturing components adhere to specifications, and are vital for daily testing applications. These tools regularly travel from the field to the shop, so they must be reliably accurate for small-hole inspections. Transcat is a globally recognized leader in test tool calibration services for plug gages, and we serve a broad range of companies of all sizes that use threaded plug gages, such as the medical, aerospace, and plastics industries. Our accredited dimensional calibration labs also cover the calibration of plain gages that are utilized in an array of applications, including automotive engineering and medical device manufacturing. A plug gage with calibrated accuracy can determine compliance with design and prevent costly inspection errors that directly affect your bottom line by reducing risk and minimizing waste.

How does Transcat Perform Plug Gage Calibrations?

High-demand thread or plug gages may require calibration schedules based on usage or time. Either way, Transcat performs gage calibrations in strict accordance with the exacting processes designed by world-class experts. Our metrology teams meticulously check the parameters of plug and thread gages according to their specific tolerances to confirm their production capabilities.

  • We calibrate the full scope of plug gages in various classes and from a range of manufacturers, including SPI, Vermont Gage, Glastonbury Gage, and more. We service both individual gages and interchangeable tool sets
  • Our North American calibration laboratories utilize highly precise equipment in environmentally controlled facilities to calibrate hard gauges. Knowledgeable technicians closely inspect and measure plug, ring, and pin gages to verify accuracy and repeatability
  • We have earned the widest scope of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation in the industries we serve, while our internally monitored and externally audited quality management systems exceed ISO 17025 requirements

Plug Gage Calibration Lab Services

Confidence in Precision Plug Gage Applications

Transcat's dimensional expertise covers calibrations for all types of new and in-service gaging. In addition to calibrating the working gage, we also calibrate your in-house calibrators, such as master plugs and ring gages that are used to check the accuracy of your calipers, micrometers, and other gages. We're serious about getting your tool back into service sooner, with rapid turnarounds on cost-effective plug gauge calibrations. We also offer a stringent commitment to reliability in measurement and uncertainty control for standard and customized calibrations.

Accredited Dimensional Calibration Capabilities

  • Trusted reference-level dimensional test tool calibration capabilities in our Dayton calibration lab and Rochester calibration lab
  • NIST-traceable calibrations for most every precision measurement instrument imaginable
  • Accredited calibration labs across North America offering in-lab gage calibration services
  • Our expert calibrations offer several service levels to support your quality documentation requirements

Free Quotes on Gage Plug Calibration Services

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