RF and Microwave Calibration Services from Transcat

Audio & Noise Analyzer Calibration Services

Noise sources support your quality noise figure measurements. By correctly evaluating unwanted noise or audio signals, you will be able to design or modify a radio frequency system so that it performs to your standards. Transcat offers industry-leading expertise in Noise Source Calibrations so you are assured of accuracy. Using our advanced radio frequency calibration capabilities, we will verify the performance of your source module. We calibrate RF noise generators from most every manufacturer and in various configurations. Our accredited and wide-ranging electrical capabilities also allow us to calibrate audio analyzers, attenuators, signal generators, power meters, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes and other devices used in testing, R&D and component manufacturing. Transcat services instruments from Agilent, Keysight, Rhode & Schwartz, Anritsu and more.

Audio and Noise Calibration Services from Transcat

Measuring Noise Figure in an RF System

Your RF calibration service can be performed in one of our ISO 17025-accredited labs or on your site. Either way, our knowledgeable technicians will use the most appropriate calibration method for your device. Transcat will confirm that your noise source meets published specifications and application requirements. Noise figure is the difference between the noise generated by the source into a system and the system’s total noise. We can measure a source’s excess noise ratio (ENR) throughout a full frequency range, and obtain reflection coefficient magnitude and phase measurements – with a low degree of uncertainty.

What Sets a Transcat Audio Calibration Service Apart?

Transcat has highly accurate and cost-effective RF and microwave calibration options. Transcat RF Calibration Services for noise-generating devices deliver the following advantages:

  • The use of highly accurate reference standards during calibration
  • Processes designed for accurate, repeatable outcomes
  • Testing of modules in a range of maximum noise outputs and operating frequencies
  • Calibration of broadband noise sources
  • Quality Systems that are ISO 9001-compliant
  • Traceability to national and international standards

Unmatched RF & Microwave Calibration Capabilities

Be confident in your equipment as you characterize each component within an RF system, whether it is being used for wireless or microwave communications. Our services cover a broad scope of electronic test equipment – from low to high-frequency instruments. We offer businesses and laboratories:

  • Service for devices used in engineering design, production, and component testing
  • Flexible scheduling and rapid turnarounds
  • Online access to calibration documents on your RF device inventory
  • Options for in-process calibrations of electrical systems

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