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Micrometer Calibration Services

A properly calibrated micrometer precisely measures shorter distances during mechanical applications, such as those associated with quality control, engineering, metalworking or machining. Transcat calibrates digital and analog micrometers in every type and size, built by virtually every manufacturer. Our general and specialty capabilities ensure micrometer accuracy that could safeguard your company against critical errors in production and inspection, while supporting greater control over quality systems.

Why Choose Transcat for Micrometer Calibration?

We are a proven leader in a wide range of dimensional calibrations, providing services for precision length-measuring devices through our large network of ISO-17025 accredited laboratories. Transcat's unmatched expertise provides certifications that are directly traceable to the SI unit through NIST for digital, standard and specialty micrometers. All Micrometer Calibrations are performed to elite levels of accuracy and according to stringent laboratory standards that coincide with our comprehensive scope of accreditation, as well as commitment to service excellence.

  • Our scope of services is unmatched, including Bore, Depth, Groove and Head Micrometer Calibration
  • Our comprehensive capabilities also include: Inside, Outside, Threat Pitch, and Vee Micrometer Calibration Services
  • Services extend across the full range of manufacturers, including industry leaders such as Starrett and Mitutoyo
  • We diligently check more points along the instrument's range to ensure accuracy and consistency

Micrometer Calibration Lab Services

Regular Calibration Ensures Micrometer Accuracy

Whether you are concerned with compliance or determining the measurement of a minute part, you need to be confident in your micrometer's calibration. Transcat offers a full array of trusted solutions with the convenience of selecting from our in-lab or onsite dimensional services. We also perform calibrations customized by metrology experts to specific applications. No matter which lab you choose, you have the benefit of consistent calibration methods. Upon completion of service, you can also utilize our simple, online data management system to track your documentation.

A Broad Range of Dimensional Capabilities

In addition to micrometers, Transcat's accredited dimensional calibration services cover:

  • Calipers ‚ dial, digital, and vernier calipers
  • Length Measurement Tools ‚ tape measures, straight edges, rulers and dimensional hand tools
  • Gage Calibration ‚ bore, ring, plug, pin, height and feeler gages
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing ‚ custom overlays and gaging
  • Custom Dimensional Analysis ‚ first article, annual inspection, and capability study part inspection requirements

Your Micrometer Calibration Specialist

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