Industrial Dial Indicator Calibration Services

Industrial dial indicators are highly useful tools for obtaining accurate, consistent measurements in the manufacturing process, and when these products need to be calibrated, come to the top dimensional calibration service provider: Transcat. Through our test tool calibration services, we offer precise dial indicator calibrations with both in-lab and onsite calibration service options, either of which will help make correct tolerance determinations and prevent costly errors that could cause products to be scrapped. We calibrate dial indicators that are essential in the quality control and inspection processes within the automotive, tool making, and manufacturing industries, and our highly skilled dimensional technicians service both analog and digital dial indicators.

Why are Transcat's Dial Indicator Calibration Services Better?

  • We precisely calibrate all makes and models of digital or analog indicators and work with various accuracy levels, designs and travel ranges. Our capabilities cover the full scope of manufacturers, including leaders like Starrett, Fowler, Brown and Sharpe, and Mitutoyo
  • Our ISO/IEC 17025-accredited calibration labs have achieved the widest scope of accreditation across the industries we serve, while our meticulously documented, internally monitored and externally audited quality management systems exceed established ISO/IEC requirements
  • Our metrology experts provide an unparalleled commitment to measurement and uncertainty control during dimensional calibration services. They check for accuracy along more points than other calibration labs in an effort to determine dial indicator consistency
  • The highly trained technicians in Transcat's North American calibration labs take a rigorous approach to calibrating comparative measurement tools, using industry-leading metrology expertise that supports in-tolerance inspections and critical quality control requirements

Precise Test Tool Calibration Services

A properly and routinely calibrated dial indicator can be an asset during inspections. Fortunately, Transcat offers great flexibility in calibrating dial indicators and other measurement tools with an expertise that travels from the lab to your site. Onsite calibration services are performed with the same attention to detail and precision that is found inside our calibration labs. Each of our many accredited dimensional laboratories across North America provides the same consistent quality systems and documentation. Choose the lab location that is most convenient for you and you'll be assured of quality processes performed to stringent standards.

Dedication to Dimensional Reliability

  • Dimensional calibration services are provided in many of our accredited labs, while our Dayton and Rochester, NY, calibration lab locations deliver reference level capabilities for dimensional standards
  • From pin gages to gage blocks and steel rulers to the micrometers, Transcat calibrates one tool, a set, or an entire measurement device inventory. You can use one trusted calibration provider that will precisely inspect, measure, and adjust your instruments, handling the service with the utmost precision and professionalism
  • Transcat serves companies of all sizes and offers service level options that cover your unique quality requirements, with the goal of the most rapid turnaround possible

Free Quotes for Dial Indicator Calibration Services

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