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Fluke Insulation Tester Calibration Service

We calibrate Fluke's full range of insulation resistance testers with various voltage outputs and specialized features. Obtain an accredited and NIST-traceable calibration for your standard or multifunctional Fluke insulation tester.Transcat can measure resistance up to 2 TΩ and test voltage up to 5 kV. With an accredited calibration, you can:
  • Ensure that instruments meet accuracy requirements.
  • Confirm a tester's ability to perform troubleshooting, commissioning and preventive maintenance.
  • Be prepared to test equipment, such as motors, switch gears, and generators, confidently.
  • Have critical confirmation that your instruments meet quality and safety standards.
  • Use an instrument with calibration testing results related to national or international standards.
  • Know your ability to cover the range of specified test voltages.
  • Have assurance that tester can identify potential system issues or equipment failures.
Fluke Insulation Tester Calibration Services from Transcat

Calibrating Fluke Megohmmeters & Insulation Testers with Quality

We service standard to multifunctional testers used in manufacturing, utility installations, equipment maintenance and other applications. The following are examples of testers we calibrate to rigorous standards:

  • The Fluke 1503 and Fluke 1507 insulation resistance testers
  • Testers for high-voltage equipment, such as the Fluke 1555 Series
  • High-performance insulation DMMs, like the 1587 FC
  • Multi-component insulation testing kits, including the 1550C

Why Select Transcat as Your Fluke Calibration Source?

  • Wide-ranging electrical services covering insulation testers, DMMs, ScopeMeters, power loggers, and other vital equipment
  • Services for all types of benchtop or handheld resistance and insulation testers
  • ISO 9001:2008 compliant quality systems and the widest scope of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation in the industries we service
  • On-site or in-lab calibrations that verify conformance with OEM standards or customized specifications
  • Re-checks of unexpected results to protect your operations against measurement inaccuracies and safety risks

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