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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) & Interference (EMI) Calibration Services

You can trust Transcat’s calibration expertise to deliver highly accurate and reliable services for your EMC testing instruments, as well as the reference standards you use for in-house calibration. We verify the performance of your electromagnetic testing devices and support your specific regulatory or industry compliance. In addition to calibrations of EMC & EMI testing equipment, our accredited labs offer services for ESD, RF, and microwave instruments, including spectrum analyzers, power meters and generators, ESD simulators, voltage and current probes, cables, attenuators, and surge generators.

Accredited EMC and EMI Calibration Services from Transcat

Accredited EMC Calibration Capabilities for Quality Testing Environments

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing determines whether a device or system will create an electromagnetic disturbance and interfere with the operations of other devices. When you have properly calibrated testing equipment at your disposal, you are assured of accurate measurements related to the electromagnetic compatibility of a product or system. The equipment that measures or generates electromagnetic fields must be calibrated periodically to verify proper operations. This ensures that your company or EMC lab is conducting tests with equipment that meets your performance requirements. You’ll know your device specifications, so you can calibrate or confirm electromagnetic compatibility with confidence.

Why Choose Transcat as Your EMC Calibration Source?

When you choose Transcat, you can simplify your calibration program and use just one industry-leading provider for your ESD, RF and microwave calibrations. You’ll have 24/7 access to evidence of device capabilities and traceability to international standards. Transcat has the metrology expertise to:

  • Calibrate EMC equipment from a variety of manufacturers
  • Support your EMC regulatory compliance testing programs
  • Service devices used by EMC laboratories, electronics manufacturers and other companies
  • Provide ISO 9001-compliant services in ISO 17025-accredited laboratories
  • Customize calibrations to instrument applications, when required
  • Deliver traceability to SI (international standard) units through NIST

Calibrating RF and Microwave Instruments

Our skilled technicians can confirm the performance of a wide range of radio frequency and microwave equipment. Our Microwave and RF Calibration Services cover devices from virtually every major manufacturer, such as Rigol, Keysight Technologies, Gigatest, Tektronix and Maui Microwave. We provide:

  • RF attenuator, power meter, and power sensor calibrations
  • Services for ESD simulators, signal generators, and oscilloscopes
  • On-site or laboratory calibrations that meet your scheduling needs
  • Service consistency through centrally controlled processes

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