Fluke IRR2-BT
Solar Irradiance Meter Pro

Order #: IRR2-BT

Mfg #: 5279986

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Fluke IRR2-BT

Solar Irradiance Meter Pro

Order #: IRR2-BT

Mfg #: 5279986

Availability: Ships in 3-4 weeks
This product is available for shipping to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico only.
This product is available for shipping to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico only.
This product is available for shipping to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico only.

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Product Highlights

1X Irradiance Meter, 1X Temperature Probe, Mounting Bracket, Instruction Manual, Warranty Card, Carrying Case, Carton Box

Solar Irradiance Meter

Irradiance Measurment

Integrated Compass

Inclination Sensor

Make the critical measurements needed for installing, testing, maintaining, and reporting on solar panels or photovoltaic systems with one, easy-to-use tool.

The Fluke IRR1-SOL and IRR2-BT Irradiance Meters have been designed from the ground up to simplify the installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting of photovoltaic arrays, measuring irradiance, temperature, inclination and direction of the solar array in a single handheld tool. With a rugged, compact design, a protective carrying case, and an easy-to-read, high contrast LCD screen to read measurements in direct sunlight, these comprehensive PV site surveyors can go where you go. The simple user interface, instantaneous solar irradiation measurements and built-in temperature sensor make it easy to meet the IEC 62446-1 requirements for testing, documenting, and maintaining photovoltaic systems. Additionally, the integrated compass and inclination sensor allow you to quickly measure and document roof and site orientation, pitch, and panel tilt while surveying, installing, or adjusting an installation.

Whether working on a roof-mounted system or on a large field installation, Fluke Irradiance Meters are the single-handed solution that every solar installer and technician needs in their tool bag.

Use the Fluke Irradiance Meters for: Photovoltaic system design and surveying

To find the expected production at a site, determine your solar resource while taking shading into account. The solar resource is measured in peak sun hours: the number of hours per day with 1,000 watts generated per square meter of solar array. Location, time of day, season, and weather conditions all influence peak sun hours. Determine the actual solar irradiance (Watts/m²) and shading at the site to develop a baseline.


Once your system is installed, make sure it is operating as designed by measuring its electrical characteristics and the actual power output of the array. The performance of a photovoltaic array is based on its current-voltage (I-V) curve. Use the irradiance meter to obtain the amount of solar irradiance necessary to calculate the I-V curve of the power output. The IRR2-BT features wireless communication of recorded irradiance and temperature measurements with the Fluke SMFT-1000 Solar Multifunction PV Analyzer to instantly determine the I-V curve of the panels under test. Even when installed correctly, a photovoltaic system may not be producing the expected electrical output. In order to produce the expected output the system needs to receive the correct amount of irradiance energy to generate the DC voltage that is fed into the inverter.


Instantaneous irradiance measurements up to 1400 W/m²


Use the built-in temperature sensor or the external suction mount temperature probe to measure ambient and panel temperature


Measure and document roof or site orientation


Know roof and PV panel tilt when surveying, installing, or adjusting the installation


Ensure proper irradiance measurements with solar panel mounting, included with the IRR2-BT kit.


Part of the Fluke solution for I-V curve measurements, the IRR2-BT wirelessly communicates with the SMFT-1000 for instant and accurate readings.

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  1. Fluke MB1-IRR Panel Mounting Bracket
    Fluke MB1-IRR
    Panel Mounting Bracket

    Order #: MB1-IRR

    Mfg #: 5279973

    Availability: Ships in 3-4 weeks
Measuring Range 50 to 1400 W/m²
Resolution 1 W/m²
Measuring Accuracy ± (5 % + 5 Digit)
Temperature Measurement
Measuring range (°C) -30 °C to 100 °C (-22 °F to 212 °F)
Resolution 0.1 °C (0.2 °F / 1 °F @>100 °F)
Measuring Accuracy ±1 °C (±2 °F @) -10 °C to 75 °C (14 °F to 167 °F ), ±2 °C (±4 °F @) -30 °C to -10 °C (-22 °F to 14 °F) and 75 °C to 100 °C (167 °F to 212 °F)
Inclination Angle
Measuring Range -90° to +90°
Resolution 0.1°
Measuring Accuracy ± 1.5°@ -50° to +50°, ±2.5° @ -85° to -50° and +50° to +85° ±3.5° @ -90° to -85° and +85° to +90°
Measuring Range 0° to 360°
Measuring Accuracy ± 7°
Operating Temperature IRR1-SOL & IRR2-BT -20 °C to 50 °C (-4 °F to 122 °F) (humidity <80 %), noncondensing
Operating Temperature 80PR-IRR -30 °C to 100 °C (-22 °F to 212 °F)
Storage Temperature -30 °C to 60 °C (-22 °F to 140 °F) (humidity <80 %)
Altitude 0 m to max. 2000 m
Wireless Radio Module (IRR2-BT only)
Frequency Range 2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz
Output Power 8 dBm
Memory (IRR2-BT only)
Type EEprom
Size (kB/records) 64 kB/6400
Recording Time 17 hours
RTC Yes (super CAP supply)
Communication BT: BL653 module (only with SMFT-1000)