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Fluke 1736 VIP Kit

Fluke 1736

3-Phase Energy Logger EU/US Version

The Fluke 1736/B (Basic Version), 1736/EUS (EU/US Version) and 1738 Three-Phase Power Loggers built with Fluke Connect® compatibility expand on previous generations of Fluke Power Loggers by giving you the data you need to make critical power quality and energy decisions in real-time. The ideal test tools for conducting energy studies and basic power quality logging, the Fluke 1736 Series and 1738 automatically capture and log over 500 power quality parameters so you have more visibility into the data you need to optimize system reliability and savings.

Order #: 1736/EUS

Mfg Part #: 1736/EUS

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Fluke 1736 Fluke 1736

3-Phase Energy Logger Basic Version

Order #: 1736/B

In Stock
$4,499.99 USD
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Fluke 1736-VIP Fluke 1736-VIP

3-Phase Energy Logger Kit EU/US Version

Order #: 1736-VIP

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$4,799.99 USD
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Fluke 1738 Fluke 1738

3- Phase Energy logger Power Loggers

Order #: 1738/B

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$5,199.99 USD
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Fluke 1738 Fluke 1738

3- Phase Energy logger EU/US Version

Order #: 1738/EUS

Usually ships in 7-10 days

$5,499.99 USD
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Fluke 1738-VIP Fluke 1738-VIP

3- Phase Energy Logger Kit EU/US Version

Order #: 1738-VIP

$5,499.99 USD
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Overview :

Fluke 1736/EUS Highlights

See the 1736 VIP Kit now! Save over $497

  • Key measurements: Simultaneously measure and log voltage, current, power, harmonics and associated values enabling you to optimize and implement your energy saving strategies
  • Measure all three phases and neutral with included 4 flexible current probes
  • Connectivity as you’ve never experienced before on a portable power logger. View data locally on the instrument, via the Fluke Connect™ App or through the facility’s WiFi infrastructure.
    • Capture Dips and Swells: includes event waveform snapshot, along with date, timestamp and severity to help pinpoint potential root causes of power quality issues
  • Bright, color touch screen: Perform convenient in-the-field analysis and data checks with full graphical display.
  • Comprehensive logging: More than 20 separate logging sessions can be stored on the instruments. In fact, all measured values are automatically logged so you never lose measurement trends. They can even be reviewed during logging sessions and before downloading for on-the-go analysis.
  • Optimized user interface: Capture the right data every time with quick, guided, graphical setup and reduce uncertainty about your connections with the intelligent verification function.
  • Complete "in-the-field" setup through the front panel or Fluke Connect™ App: no need to return to the workshop for download and setup or to take a computer to the electrical panel.
  • Convenient instrument powering: power instrument directly from the measured circuit eliminating the need to find a power outlet while allowing the instrument to be secured safely inside electrical panels.
  • Two USB ports: one for PC connection and another for quick, simple data download to standard USB thumb drives, or other USB devices allowing you to leave the measurement device in place without disrupting logging.
  • Compact size: designed to fit in tight spaces and panels.
  • Highest safety rating in the industry: 600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III rated for use at the service entrance and downstream.
  • Optimized measurement accessories: flat voltage cable and thin flexible current probes ensure easy installation even in tight spaces.
  • Battery life: four-hour operating time (backup time) per charge on lithium-ion battery.
  • Security:  safeguard your best asset from theft with an optional hefty, durable Kensington lock.
  • Power Quality Analyze application software: Download and analyze every detail of energy consumption and power quality state of health with our automated reporting.

Each Fluke 1736/EUS Includes

  • Instrument, power supply
  • voltage test leads
  • Alligator clips (4x)
  • 12 in 1,500A flexible current probe (4x)
  • Soft case
  • Energy Analyze Software
  • WiFi adapter**
  • line cords
  • color coding set and documentation on USB flash drive

(** /B and /INTL versions do not include this item).

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