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Anemometer & Air Velocity Calibration Laboratory at Transcat

Transcat is proud to add the capability of performing 17025 accredited air velocity calibrations of anemoneters and other wind speed indicators with the addition of a Westenberg Engineering Wind Tunnel.

request a transcat calibration service quick quoteWestenberg is a world leading manufacturer of wind tunnel solutions. This is their largest installation in the United States and they have installations across the globe including PTB, Germany’s national metrological institute and the Metrology Institute of the Czech Republic.

The wind tunnel will allow us to offer accedited calibrations for a variety of air velocity instruments including rotary and hot wire anemometers, balometers, wind speed indicators and more.

This model offers the benefits of greater environmental control and fully accredited calibrations at a higher test uncertainty ratio (TUR) than leading comparable services.

Unmatched Wind Meter Calibration Capabilties

  • 0.5 – 70 m/s (30 - 13,780 FPM) allows for the calibration of a wide range of anemometers, including vane and hot wire
  • Accuracy at less than 1.0 percent of reading, for anticipation of test TURs greater than 4:1, minimizing customer
    risk and providing greater assurance of accuracy
  • We have added this capability to our NVLAP scope of accreditation.

Reduce Measurement Risk by Calibrating Your Anemometer

Transcat quotes are fast, free, and fully accredited. Simply submit our online calibration quote request form or call us at 800-828-1470 to discuss your anemometer calibration needs. 

 Transcat Air Velocity Calibration