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Source/measure Units

Source/measure Units

Transcat offers source measure units in various categories, from precision to application specific. A source and measurement unit (SMU) is a device that supports testing applications, including those that demand high accuracy and high resolution capabilities. The units essentially combine the functionality of a DMM with a precise power supply, while also offering excellent low current operations. An SMU can precisely source voltage or current to a device under test or development, while simultaneously measuring voltage and/or current. These simultaneous capabilities often equate to faster testing processes. An SMU is the smart solution when low-level voltage, current, and resistance are needed for functional tests and electronics profiling. Unit applications range from design validation to manufacturing, and SMUs are frequently used within the semiconductor and electronics industries.


Reviewing a Precision Source-Measure Unit


To order a Source/Measure Unit, you will need to know what test(s) the device complements, such as a Functional Test or a Battery Drain Analysis. Also determine if you want a unit with two- or four-quadrant operations. The characteristics of a precision source measure unit will cover specifications within the following categories: 


  • Output ratings: Voltage, Current, Power
  • Output voltage ripple and noise
  • Programming accuracy
  • Measurement accuracy


SMUs for Testing Challenges


The source measure units from Keysight Technologies are built to solve testing challenges. They are used with the brand’s modular power system to deliver advanced sourcing and measurement capabilities. Keysight’s N6781A model supports the optimization of power consumption and the maximizing of battery life. It offers the functions and features to accurately capture power consumption in battery-driven components.


Choose the correct low-level testing units for your application. For product information, chat with us live, or call 800.828.1470.

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  1. Calibrators Inc DVC-350C

    HH Field Voltage Source w/Updateable Firmware System

    Order #: DVC-350C

    Mfg #: DVC-350C

    Call for Availability

    $520.00 USD
  2. Keysight Technologies N6784A

    Source/Measure Unit, General Purpose, 4-Quadrant

    Order #: N6784A

    Mfg #: N6784A

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $4,172.00 USD
  3. Keysight Technologies N6781A

    Source/Measure Unit for Battery Drain Analysis

    Order #: N6781A

    Mfg #: N6781A

    In stock

    $5,952.00 USD
  4. Keysight Technologies N6782A

    Source/Measure Unit for Functional Test, 2-Quadrant

    Order #: N6782A

    Mfg #: N6782A

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $4,752.00 USD
  5. Keysight Technologies B2901A

    Prec.Source/Measure Unit,1Chnl. 100fA Res.,210V/3A,DC/10.5Aplse

    Order #: B2901A

    Mfg #: B2901A

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $4,902.00 USD
  6. Keysight Technologies B2902A

    Prec.Source/Measure Unit,2Chnl. 100fA Res.,210V/3A,DC-10.5APlse

    Order #: B2902A

    Mfg #: B2902A

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $9,090.00 USD
  7. Keysight Technologies B2912A

    Prec.Source/Measure Unit,2Chnl. 10fA Res.,210V/3A,DC/10.5A Plse

    Order #: B2912A

    Mfg #: B2912A

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $13,723.00 USD
  8. Keysight Technologies B2961A

    6.5Digit Low Noise Power Source 32W,210V,3A,1-Channel

    Order #: B2961A

    Mfg #: B2961A

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $6,375.00 USD
  9. Keysight Technologies B2962A

    6.5Digit Low Noise Power Source 32W,210V,3A,2-Channel

    Order #: B2962A

    Mfg #: B2962A

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $9,272.00 USD

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