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Our versatile and safety-focused selection of electrical clamp-ons features the most reliable meters and probes for current and power quality measurements. The jawed meter designs clamp around conductors to detect a current’s magnetic field. Probes work with compatible DMMs, loggers, recorders and oscilloscopes. We have the probes and meters engineered for industrial and utility applications. Manufacturing leaders represented in our selection include AEMC, Amprobe, Fluke and Yokogawa. You can troubleshoot 4-20 mA loops without breaking the loop or solve electrical challenges for your industry with our clamps.



Buy Calibrated Clamp-Ons Only From Transcat

Because Transcat operates dozens of ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Labs across the United States and Canada, we are uniquely positioned to offer new instrument calibration services on most of the items we distribute. If your quality system requires that your instruments have a valid calibration certificate at all times, take advantage of our clamp meter calibration services so that your instrument arrives ready to be put into use.



Choosing an Electric Clamp On

We offer general purpose clamps, as well as innovative meter designs that incorporate imaging, tapered jaws or bottom-of-device displays. Electric clamp meters may be classified according to their capabilities:

  • mA clamp
  • High resolution
  • Earth ground
  • True-rms AC/DC
  • Voltage, continuity and current


Jaw size will be a consideration when choosing current meters. Professionals can also compare device measurement range, safety conformance and display type. Features – from remote displays to data hold – support improved efficiency. When selecting a Current Probe, reviewable specifications will include measurement type and range, head size, output, accuracy, frequency, conductor size, and appropriate applications.



Accuracy in Electrical Clamp Testing

Hioki clamp-on sensors and AC probes meet the needs of specialized applications, such as for use with inverter devices or commercial power lines. The Fluke flexible clamps are built for limited space measurements and offer wireless capabilities. A Fluke Clamp-on Current Transformer also offers a design with enhanced flexibility. AEMC makes a top-performing AC current probe built for accurate, higher current measurements, while Extech mini clamp meters have high resolution for low AC/DC currents.


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