Tangent Labs, A Transcat Company

Alliance Calibration, a Transcat CompanyAlliance Calibration, a Transcat Company

Tangent Labs, a Transcat Company, was established in 1989 and specialized in calibration and certification services for precision measurement, control instrumentation, and gaging. With a focus on accuracy and quality, Tangent Labs ensured that clients' measurement instruments and equipment are calibrated to industry standards, allowing for precise and reliable readings to various industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, manufacturing, and more.

After its acquisition in December 2021, Tangent Labs joined the leading nationwide calibration services team at Transcat as its Indianapolis, Indiana Lab and Decatur, Alabama Lab. Their team of calibration experts continues to employ state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to deliver exceptional results, whether clients require calibration for hand tools, test equipment, or complex systems. Offering tailored solutions with their extensive experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, the Indianapolis & Decatur Labs continue building on Tangent’s solid reputation as a trusted calibration partner and continue to serve various markets, supporting businesses in optimizing their operations, ensuring regulatory compliance, and maintaining the highest standards of quality and precision in their measurement processes. The following services that you relied upon Tangent Labs to provide are now available to you through Transcat.

Accredited Calibration Services – Now Transcat’s Indianapolis, IN Calibration Lab & Decatur, AL Lab

Accredited Calibration ServicesAccredited Calibration Services


  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • Level


  • Hand Tools
  • Plugs & Rings
  • Comparators
  • Torque
  • Surface Plates

Test Equipment

  • Multimeters
  • Oscilloscope
  • Calibrators
  • Single Sources
  • Power Supplies
Tangent Labs, A Transcat CompanyTangent Labs, A Transcat Company

Whether clients are in the automotive sector, aerospace industry, medical field, or any other industry requiring precise measurements, the Transcat Indianapolis Lab is well-equipped to meet their calibration needs with efficiency and accuracy.

And their customers agree: “[Formerly Tangent Labs] was a logical choice to send equipment to be calibrated when our Lab was faced with a large amount of equipment to have calibrated. Our Lab had used them before and were always pleased with their service and caliber of work. It was a definite plus that they would pick up our equipment because shipping delicate equipment is always a concern. Their personnel are always courteous and prompt. Their turnaround time is fantastic, and our equipment is always handled with care. They are able to accommodate priorities when necessary. Our Lab will continue to send equipment to them because they have earned our trust through the work that they perform and their customer service." - Lee Ann Kelly, Computer Science Corporation

Tangent Labs customers can access their calibration records through the Tangent Labs portal:

Shop Test Instruments at Transcat.comShop Test Instruments at Transcat.com

As a leading distributor of test and measurement equipment, Transcat offers an expansive portfolio of products for highly technical industries. We distribute more than 100,000 products from over 500 manufacturers, delivering the equipment necessary for our customers to measure and calibrate a variety of parameters.