Amprobe AT-6020
Advanced Wire Tracer Kit

Order #: AT-6020

Mfg #: 4867981

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Amprobe AT-6020

Advanced Wire Tracer Kit

Order #: AT-6020

Mfg #: 4867981

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Product Highlights

The AT-6000-R Receiver detects the signal in wires and cables using two methods: active tracing method (with the Transmitter) and passive tracing method (without the Transmitter). In hard-to reach areas, the Receiver’s Tip Sensor can be used to trace wires in corners, tight spaces and junction boxes.

The AT-6000-T Transmitter works on Energized and De-energized circuits up to 600 V AC/DC in Category I through Category III electrical environments and features high signal, low signal, and loop modes. The Breaker Identification feature eliminates confusion of multiple false positives, common with older technology tracing tools, by identifying the one correct breaker or fuse with the highest recorded signal.

  • Traces wires in walls, ceilings, floors and corners
  • Locates breakers and fuses
  • Pinpoints shorts and opens
  • High resolution 2.5" TFT LCD color display
  • Three Transmitter signal modes: "High Signal" mode for normal circuits, "Low Signal" mode for precision tracing in difficult areas, and "Loop" mode for closed loop de-energized circuits
  • Four Receiver tracing modes
  • Two auto-selected frequency modes for reliable tracing on energized and de-energized circuits
  • Clamp-on attachment (CT-400) for inducing signal into wires without access to bare conductors (optional for AT-6020, included with AT-6030)
  • One-year warranty


  • Trace Energized and De-energized wires
  • Identify breakers and fuses
  • Non-contact voltage mode and passive tracing
  • GFCI-protected circuit wire tracing
  • Find breaks, openings, and shorts
  • Trace wires in metal conduit
  • Trace non-metallic pipes and conduits
  • Trace shielded/underground wires
  • Trace low voltage wires and data cables
  • Sort bundled wires
  • Map circuits using test leads connection
  • Trace breakers on system with light dimmers
  • CT-400 signal clamp (AT-6030 kit) to improves accuracy and performance when there is no access to bare conductors

Each Unit Includes

  • AT-6000-R Receiver
  • AT-6000-T Transmitter
  • TL-6000 Test Lead and Accessory Kit
  • CC-6000 Hard Carrying Case
  • User Manual

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