Additel ADT761

Automated Pressure Calibrator -13 to 375PSIG,1/4"NPTF

Order #: ADT761-M-N

Mfg #: ADT761-M-N

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Additel ADT761

Automated Pressure Calibrator -13 to 375PSIG,1/4"NPTF

Order #: ADT761-M-N

Mfg #: ADT761-M-N

Availability: Ships in 4-6 Weeks
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Product Highlights

  • Pressure generated by built-in pump and controlled automatically from 90% vacuum to max pressure
  • Pressure measured with external pressure modules (ADT160 series) to 10,000 psi (700 bar)
  • 0.02%FS
  • Fully temperature compensated
  • 0.005%FS
  • Fully Automated pressure calibration
  • Task preset and auto run
  • Auto step
  • User friendly interface
  • Intuitive icon driven menu structure
  • Measure mA or V with 0.01% RD + 0.005%FS accuracy
  • Source 0 to 22mA current
  • 24 VDC loop power supply to pressure transmitter during test
  • Automatic switch test
  • Up to 30V misuse protection on any two sockets
  • 7" LCD color screen (800X480)
  • Task management capability
  • Internal memory stores 120 tasks
  • Download tasks and upload results
  • Support HART instrumentation
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 8 hours operation between charges
  • Apply leak test to an external pressure system to determine the magnitude of pressure variations due to leaks
  • Special design the pipeline layout to avoid possible blockage and leakage
  • Only 12 lb
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate included

Each Unit Includes

  • External Pressure Manifold
  • 110/220V External Power Adapter
  • Chargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Test Leads for Calibrator
  • Short Circuit Cable
  • Carrying Case for ADT761 Calibrator and Accessory

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  1. Additel ADT160-02-V15-PSI-N
    Additel ADT160-02-V15-PSI-N
    Digital Pressure Module -15 to 0PSIG,1/4NPTM

    Order #: ADT160-02-V15-PSI-N

    Mfg #: ADT160-02-V15-PSI-N

    Out of stock
  2. Additel ADT160-02-GP10K-PSI-N
    Additel ADT160-02-GP10K-PSI-N
    Digital Pressure Module 0-10000 psi, Gauge Press, 1/4NP

    Order #: ADT160-02-GP10K-PSI-N

    Mfg #: ADT160-02-GP10K-PSI-N

    Out of stock
  3. Additel ADT160-02-GP500-PSI-N
    Additel ADT160-02-GP500-PSI-N
    Digital Pressure Module 0-500PSIG,1/4NPTM

    Order #: ADT160-02-GP500-PSI-N

    Mfg #: ADT160-02-GP500-PSI-N

    Out of stock
  4. Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-PSI-N
    Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-PSI-N
    Digital Pressure Module 0-1000PSIG,1/4NPTM

    Order #: ADT160-02-GP1K-PSI-N

    Mfg #: ADT160-02-GP1K-PSI-N

    Out of stock
  5. Additel ADT160-02-GP5-PSI-N
    Additel ADT160-02-GP5-PSI-N
    Digital Pressure Module to 5 psi, gauge Press, 1/4NPT M

    Order #: ADT160-02-GP5-PSI-N

    Mfg #: ADT160-02-GP5-PSI-N

    Out of stock
  6. Additel ADT160-02-GP50-PSI-N
    Additel ADT160-02-GP50-PSI-N
    Digital Pressure Module 0-50PSIG,1/4NPTM

    Order #: ADT160-02-GP50-PSI-N

    Mfg #: ADT160-02-GP50-PSI-N

    Out of stock
  7. Additel ADT160-02-GP300-BAR-N
    Additel ADT160-02-GP300-BAR-N
    Digital Pressure Module 0-20bar,Gauge Pressure,1/4NPTM

    Order #: ADT160-02-GP300-BAR-N

    Mfg #: ADT160-02-GP300-BAR-N

    Out of stock
  8. Additel ADT100-761-4B
    Additel ADT100-761-4B
    Hose Test Kit, 5' Tube-1/4BSP hand-tight quick connector

    Order #: ADT100-761-4B

    Mfg #: ADT100-761-B4

    In stock
  9. Additel ADT100-761-4N
    Additel ADT100-761-4N
    Hose Test Kit, 5' Hose-1/4NPT hand-tight quick connector

    Order #: ADT100-761-4N

    Mfg #: ADT100-761-4N

    Out of stock
  10. Additel ADT106-B
    Additel ADT106-B
    Ext Press Manifold with two 1/4BSP hand-tight quick connect

    Order #: ADT106-B

    Mfg #: ADT106-B

    Out of stock
  11. Additel ADT106-N
    Additel ADT106-N
    Ext Press Manifold with two 1/4NPT hand-tight quick connect

    Order #: ADT106-N

    Mfg #: ADT106-N

    Out of stock
  12. Additel ADT160A-02-CP100-BAR-B
    Additel ADT160A-02-CP100-BAR-B
    Digital Pressure Module -1 to 7bar, 1/4BSP M

    Order #: ADT160-02-CP100-BAR-B

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-CP100-BAR-B

    Out of stock
  13. Additel ADT160A-02-CP100-BAR-M
    Additel ADT160A-02-CP100-BAR-M
    Digital Pressure Module -1 to 7bar, M20X1.5 M

    Order #: ADT160-02-CP100-BAR-M

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-CP100-BAR-M

    Out of stock
  14. Additel ADT160A-02-CP100-BAR-N
    Additel ADT160A-02-CP100-BAR-N
    Digital Pressure Module -1 to 7bar, 1/4NPT M

    Order #: ADT160-02-CP100-BAR-N

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-CP100-BAR-N

    Out of stock
  15. Additel ADT160A-02-CP100-BAR-N2
    Additel ADT160A-02-CP100-BAR-N2
    Digital Pressure Module -1 to 7bar, 1/2NPT M

    Order #: ADT160-02-CP100-BAR-N2

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-CP100-BAR-N2

    Out of stock
  16. Additel ADT160A-02-CP100-PSI-B
    Additel ADT160A-02-CP100-PSI-B
    Digital Pressure Module -15 to 100 psi, 1/4BSP M

    Order #: ADT160-02-CP100-PSI-B

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-CP100-PSI-B

    Availability: Ships in 2-3 weeks
  17. Additel ADT160A-02-CP100-PSI-M
    Additel ADT160A-02-CP100-PSI-M
    Digital Pressure Module -15 to 100 psi, M20X1.5 M

    Order #: ADT160-02-CP100-PSI-M

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-CP100-PSI-M

    Out of stock
  18. Additel ADT160-02-CP100-PSI-N2
    Additel ADT160-02-CP100-PSI-N2
    Digital Pressure Module -15 to 100 psi, 1/2NPT M

    Order #: ADT160-02-CP100-PSI-N2

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-CP100-PSI-N2

    Out of stock
  19. Additel ADT160A-02-CP300-BAR-B
    Additel ADT160A-02-CP300-BAR-B
    Digital Pressure Module -1 to 20 bar, 1/4BSP M

    Order #: ADT160-02-CP300-BAR-B

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-CP300-BAR-B

    Out of stock
  20. Additel ADT160A-02-CP300-BAR-M
    Additel ADT160A-02-CP300-BAR-M
    Digital Pressure Module -1 to 20 bar, M20X1.5 M

    Order #: ADT160-02-CP300-BAR-M

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-CP300-BAR-M

    Out of stock
  21. Additel ADT160A-02-CP300-BAR-N
    Additel ADT160A-02-CP300-BAR-N
    Digital Pressure Module -1 to 20 bar, 1/4NPT M

    Order #: ADT160-02-CP300-BAR-N

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-CP300-BAR-N

    Out of stock
  22. Additel ADT160A-02-CP300-BAR-N2
    Additel ADT160A-02-CP300-BAR-N2
    Digital Pressure Module -1 to 20 bar, 1/2NPT M

    Order #: ADT160-02-CP300-BAR-N2

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-CP300-BAR-N2

    Out of stock
  23. Additel ADT160A-02-CP300-PSI-B
    Additel ADT160A-02-CP300-PSI-B
    Digital Pressure Module -15 to 300 psi, 1/4BSP M

    Order #: ADT160-02-CP300-PSI-B

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-CP300-PSI-B

    Out of stock
  24. Additel ADT160A-02-CP300-PSI-M
    Additel ADT160A-02-CP300-PSI-M
    Digital Pressure Module -15 to 300 psi, M20X1.5 M

    Order #: ADT160-02-CP300-PSI-M

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-CP300-PSI-M

    Out of stock
  25. Additel ADT160A-02-CP300-PSI-N2
    Additel ADT160A-02-CP300-PSI-N2
    Digital Pressure Module -15 to 300PSI,1/2"NPTM

    Order #: ADT160-02-CP300-PSI-N2

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-CP300-PSI-N2

    Out of stock
  26. Additel ADT160-05-DP2-H2O
    Additel ADT160-05-DP2-H2O
    Digital Pressure Module +/-2",H2O,Differential Pressure

    Order #: ADT160-05-DP2-H2O

    Mfg #: ADT160-05-DP2-H2O

    Out of stock
  27. Additel ADT160
    Additel ADT160-02-DP300-H2O
    Digital Pressure Module,0.025% FS,300Inch H2O,Differential

    Order #: ADT160-02-DP300-H2O

    Mfg #: ADT160-02-DP300-H2O

    Out of stock
  28. Additel ADT160A
    Additel ADT160A-02-CP15-PSI-N
    Digital Pressure module, 0.02%F -15 to 15psi, compound 1/2NPT

    Order #: ADT160A-02-CP15-PSI-N

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-CP15-PSI-N

    Availability: Ships in 2-3 weeks
  29. Additel ADT160A
    Additel ADT160A-02-CP30-PSI-N
    Digital Pressure module, 0.02%F -15 to 30psi compound 1/4NPT M

    Order #: ADT160A-02-CP30-PSI-N

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-CP30-PSI-N

    Availability: Ships in 2-3 weeks
  30. Additel ADT160A
    Additel ADT160A-02-V15-PSI-N
    Digital Pressure Module -15 to 0PSIG, 1/4"NPTM, 0.02%FS

    Order #: ADT160A-02-V15-PSI-N

    Mfg #: ADT160A-02-V15-PSI-N

    Availability: Ships in 2-3 weeks
  31. Additel ADT160A
    Additel ADT160A-01-AP1KQ-PSI-N
    Digital Pressure Module 0 to 1K PSI, Absolute Pressure

    Order #: ADT160A-01-AP1KQ-PSI-N

    Mfg #: ADT160A-01-AP1KQ-PSI-N

    Availability: Ships in 2-3 weeks
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