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SolarLink Test Kit

The PV150 Solarlink test kit includes the all-in-one PV150 installation tester - it makes proving the electrical integrity and performance of a PV system faster, safer and easier than ever before. With simple direct connections to PV systems, the PV150 performs open circuit voltage, short circuit current and insulation resistance tests at the press of a button. The Solarlink test kit also includes the Solar Survey multifunction irradiance meter, enabling irradiance and temperature measurement to be received and recorded wirelessly into the PV150 solar tester at the same time as electrical tests are conducted – a requirement of international standards and best practice, including IEC 62446, BS EN 62446 and EN 62446.

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Mfg Part #: 388A916K

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Overview :

Product Highlights:

  • The comprehensive PV150 tester conducts all of the required electrical tests at the touch of a button
  • Solarlink connectivity between the PV150 tester and the Solar Survey 200R irradiance meter enables irradiance to be displayed and for irradiance, module and ambient temperature to be recorded within the PV150 in real-time as electrical tests are conducted
  • USB download of stored test results and irradiance measurements speeds up the completion of documentation and improves traceabilityof results
  • Earth / ground continuity
  • Open circuit voltage
  • Short circuit current
  • Insulation resistance
  • DC operating power
  • Operational current
  • Polarity
  • Earth test lead null
  • Irradiance
  • Ambient and module temperature

PV150 Solarlink Kit Contents

  • 1 x PV150 solar installation tester
  • 1 x Solar Survey 200R irradiance meter
  • 1 x AC/DC current clamp
  • 1 x Rugged carry bag
  • 1 x MC4 fused test lead
  • 1 x MC4 test lead
  • 1 x Red and Black Test leads, with test probe with detachable alligator clips
  • 1 x Quick Start Guides
  • 1 x Support CD-Rom
  • 1 x PV150 UKAS Calibration Certificate
  • 1 x Solar Survey 200R Calibration Certificate

Specifications :

Solarlink™ Test Kit

Technical Specification:

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: PV150 Solar Installation tester
Earth/Ground Continuity

Display Range

0.00Ω to 199Ω
Measuring Range 0.01Ω to 199Ω
Resolution 0.01Ω maximum
Open Circuit Test Voltage 4VDC, nominal
Short Circuit Test Current >200mA (as per IEC 61557-4)
Test Lead Compensation Null out up to 10Ω
User Protection Warning and test inhibited if ≥ 30V AC/DC detected at inputs
Insulation Resistance
Display Range 0.05MΩ to 199MΩ
Measuring Range 0.05MΩ to 199MΩ
Resolution 0.01MΩ maximum
Open Circuit Test Voltage 250V, 500V, 1000VDC (as per IEC 61557-2)
Short Circuit Test Current >1mA, <2mA s/c as per IEC 61557-2
Visible Warning ≥ 30V AC or DC at inputs
Open Circuit Voltage
Display Range 0.0VDC to 1000VDC
Measuring Range 5.0VDC to 1000VDC
Resolution 0.1V maximum
Enunciators DC voltage polarity correct or reversed
Short Circuit Current
Display Range 0.0ADC – 15.00ADC
Measurement Range 0.5ADC – 15.00ADC
Resolution 0.01A
Operating Current (Using AC/DC Current Clamp)
Display Range 0.0A – 40A
Measurement Range 0.5A – 40A
Resolution 0.1A max
DC Operating Power
Display range 0.0kW – 40.0kW
Measurement ranges 0.1kW – 40.0kW
Resolution 0.1kW
Datalogging And Connectivity
Datalogging Up to 200 complete test datasets Download utility software included Compatible with SolarCert Elements software (version 1.1)
Connectivity USB download to PC Wireless ‘Solarlink™’ to Survey 200R (range c. 100m/ 330ft)
General Specifications
Display Custom LCD with backlight
Power Supply 6 x 1.5V Alkaline LR06
Battery Life >1000 test sequences
Auto Power Down User programmable
Additional Information
Warranty Period 2 years (Terms and conditions apply. Go to www.seawardsolar.com/register-product for details)
Calibration Interval 1 year
UKAS Calibration Certificate supplied as standard


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Solar Survey 100 Irradiance Meter
Display Range 0 – 1500 W/m-2 or 0 – 500 BTU/hr-ft2
Measurement Range 100 – 1250 W/m-2 or 30 – 400 BTU/hr-ft2
Resolution 1 BTU/hr-ft2 / 1W/m-2
Display Range -30°C to +125°C
Measurement Ranges -30°C to +125°C
Compass Bearing
Display Range 0° to 360°
Measurement Ranges 0° to 360°
Display Range 0° to 90°
Measurement Ranges 0° to 90°
Datalogging And Connectivity (Survey 200R Only)
Datasets 5000
Sample Rate 1 to 60 minutes (user definable)
Datalogging Download utility software included Compatible with SolarCert Elements software (version 1.1)
Connectivity USB download to PC Wireless ‘Solarlink™’ to PV150 (range c. 100m / 330 ft)
General Specifications
Display Custom LCD
Power Supply 2AA Alkaline Batteries
Battery Life >20,000 Readings
Auto power down After 2 minutes
Warranty 2 years (Terms and conditions apply. Go to www.seawardsolar.com/register-product for details)
Calibration 1 year
Additional Information
Supplied with calibration certificate MCS
Solarlink™ Test Kit Part No: 388A915

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