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RKI Instruments 65-2423RK-05

Sensor Assembly, Pre-Amp, H2S CT-7, Classified

65-2423RK-05 Sensor, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Direct Connection (No Transmitter, No J-Box), CSA Version
When working on potentially hazardous jobsites, safety managers should look for workplace safety solutions that are dependable and steadfast. When lives are on the line, a workplace cannot afford subpar safety products. That is why, at RKI Instruments, workplace safety is a top priority. Their Research and Development team work daily to integrate the latest technology with the best industry practices. With a reputation for excellent products, RKI Instruments introduces the latest in direct connect sensor technology. Designed for use in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous environments, the Direct Connect Sensors are designed specifically for RKI Beacon 110, 200, and 410 controllers.

Order #: 65-2423RK-05

Mfg Part #: 65-2423RK-05

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Overview :

Product Highlights

  • Direct Connect Sensors
    • The RKI Direct Connect Sensors series gas sensors are state of the art gas detection sensors available for LEL, H2 Specific LEL, LEL IR, Oxygen, H2S, CO, CO2, and a variety of toxic gases. To use the Direct Connect Sensors, they can be used for remote detection by mounting them onto explosion proof junction boxes, or they can mount directly onto controllers and be used as a completely standalone system. Their unique plugin design allows for a quick and easy tool free installation on jobsites.
  • Detection solutions for a variety of hazardous environments The Direct Connect Sensors are designed to be use in both indoor and outdoor settings. Additionally, some of the sensors are available in explosion proof models. The explosion proof models utilize a patented coating which serves double duty as also being water repellant. Users can also purchase splash guards to protect the sensors from very wet conditions.
  • Sensor Technology
  • Each sensor is crafted with stainless steel and housed in cast aluminum (stainless steel housing is available for some sensors). The Direct Connect Sensors are available in 2 forms: explosion proof and non-explosion proof. The explosion proof sensors are available as catalytic sensors for LEL, and LEL H2 specific. For hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide, the sensors utilize electrochemical technology which provides incredibly specific accuracy and quick response. Oxygen sensors work with galvanic technology, and infrared sensors for methane, hydrocarbons, and carbon dioxide. Non-explosion proof uses a galvanic sensor for oxygen; electrochemical sensors for hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and other toxic gases; and infrared for carbon dioxide. Both explosion proof and non-explosion proof have 1 year warranties for materials and craftsmanship.
  • Specifications
  • The response times are under 30 seconds for all gases except hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide in the non-explosion versions (with a response time of 35 seconds) and non-explosion proof model sensor for toxic gases which has a 60 second response time. The life expectancy of all sensors are between 2 and 5 years.
  • The Direct Connect Sensors are compatible with several RKI Industries' accessories including calibration adaptors, flow through adaptors, remote horns and lights, calibration kits, battery backups, splash guards, air aspirator adaptors, and dataloggers.