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Rigol DM3000 Series Digital Multimeter

The DM3000 Series DMMs give reliable, cost effective, full DMM capabilities measuring DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, Resistance (2 & 4 Wire), Capacitance, Diode Test, Frequency, and Temperature. These DMMs are designed for simple and efficient bench top use, but include software options for datalogging and remote programming from almost any interface. The DM3000 can fit any DMM application with speed, accuracy, reliability, and efficiency well beyond its price.

Why Buy the Rigol DM3000 Series from Transcat? Calibration. Selection. Price.

Transcat is a leading supplier of Rigol instruments, and can offer accredited calibrations on new orders. Check out our ordering guide to ensure that we provide you with the very best product for your application. To request more information, technical support, get a quote, or place an order, feel free to call us, chat us, request a quote, or add to cart!





DM3058/DM3058E Overview

DM3058/DM3058E is a 5½ dual-display instrument especially designed for high-precision, multifunction, and automation measurements. It realized a combination of basic measurement functions and math functions as well as sensor measurement function. The DM3058/DM3058E holds a 256 x 64 lattice high-resolution monochrome LCD display screen with clear keyboard layout and operation hints to make it easier and agility to use. Besides, it supports multi-interface such as RS-232, USB, LAN (only for DM3058) and GPIB (only for DM3058).

DG3068 Main Features

DM3068 is a 6½ digits, dual display digital multimeter. It is a perfect combination of basic measurement functions, various math operations as well as any sensor measurement and can fulfill users’ requirements for high precision, various functions and auto measurement. DM3068 provides high-resolution 256 x 64 monochrome LCD, easy-to-use keypad layout and key backlight as well as operation prompts. It supports RS232, USB, LAN and GPIB interfaces, USB storage device storage and remote control (web and SCPI command).

Model DM3058DM3068
Measurement Function Range Accuracy: 1 Year ± (%of reading +%of range) Accuracy: 1 Year ± (%of reading +%of range)
DC Voltage 200 mV - 1000 V 0.015 + 0.003 0.0035+0.0005
DC Current 200 uA - 10 A 0.055+0.005 0.050+0.005
AC Voltage (RMS) 200 mV - 750 V 0.20 + 0.05 0.06+0.03
AC Current (RMS) 20 mA - 10 A 0.30+0.10 0.10+0.04
Resistance(2-wire and 4-wire) 200 Ω - 100 MΩ 0.020 + 0.003 0.010+0.001
Capacitance 2 nF - 10000 uF 1 + 0.5 1 + 0.5
Diode 2.4V 0.05 + 0.01  
Continuity 2 kΩ 0.05 + 0.01  
Frequency and Period 200 mV - 750 V 0.01+0.003 0.007

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5.5 Digit Benchtop Digtl.Multi Meter w/USB & RS-232 Interfaces

Order #: DM3058E

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$469.00 USD
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5.5 Digit Benchtop Digtl.Multi Meter w/USB,LXI,GPIB & RS-232

Order #: DM3058

In Stock
$695.00 USD
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6.5 Digit Benchtop Digtl.Multi Meter w/USB,LXI,GPIB & RS-232

Order #: DM3068

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$840.00 USD
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Overview :

Product Highlights

  • True 5 ½ or 6 ½ digit resolution
  • Up to >8,000 Readings per second
  • GPIB, USB, RS-232, and LXI-C (Ethernet) Connectivity
  • SCPI Command Compatibility
  • Available datalogging and sensor connectivity

Each Unit Includes

  • Black Alligator Clip
  • Black Probe
  • CD
  • Power Cord
  • Fuse 250V/125mA - 2
  • Fuse 250V/250mA - 2
  • Red Alligator Clip
  • Red Probe
  • USB Cable

Accessories :