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  1. Tektronix TLA 704 FOR RENT

    Portable Logic Analyzer Mainframe, 16 MB RAM

    Order #: TLA 704-RENT2

    Mfg #: TLA 704

    Call for Price

  2. Tektronix TLA7L3 FOR RENT

    Channel Logic Analyzer Module w/ Substitute 128 kBits per Ch

    Order #: TLA7L3-RENT2

    Mfg #: TLA7L3

    Call for Price

  3. Tektronix TLA7M3 FOR RENT

    Channel Logic Analyzer Module 2- GHz Timing 100-MHz State

    Order #: TLA7M3-RENT2

    Mfg #: TLA7M3

    Call for Price

  4. Tektronix TLA7M4 FOR RENT

    136 Channel LA Module with Magnivu Acquisition

    Order #: TLA7M4-RENT2

    Mfg #: TLA7M4

    Call for Price

  5. Tektronix TLA711 FOR RENT

    Logic Analyzer Mainframe with Benchtop Controller Module

    Order #: TLA711-RENT2

    Mfg #: TLA711

    Call for Price

  6. Keysight Technologies 4951C FOR RENT

    Protocol Analy (19.2kbps) requires interface pod

    Order #: 4951C-RENT2

    Mfg #: 4951C

    Call for Price

  7. Tektronix 1240 FOR RENT

    Logic Analyzer Mainframe

    Order #: 1240-RENT2

    Mfg #: 1240

    Call for Price

  8. Keysight Technologies 3782B FOR RENT

    Error Detector with HP 3781B Pattern Generator

    Order #: 3782B-RENT2

    Mfg #: 3782B

    Call for Price

  9. Tektronix 91A32 FOR RENT

    Data Module

    Order #: 91A32-RENT2

    Mfg #: 91A32

    Call for Price

  10. Tektronix 91P16 FOR RENT

    Pattern Generator Module (Algorithmic); 16 channels

    Order #: 91P16-RENT2

    Mfg #: 91P16

    Call for Price

  11. Tektronix 91P32 FOR RENT

    Pattern Generator Module (Algorithmic); 32 channels

    Order #: 91P32-RENT2

    Mfg #: 91P32

    Call for Price

  12. Keysight Technologies 54620A FOR RENT

    16 Channel Logic Analyzer

    Order #: 54620A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 54620A

    Call for Price

  13. Keysight Technologies 1650A FOR RENT

    Logic Analyzer

    Order #: 1650A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 1650A

    Call for Price

  14. Keysight Technologies 16505A FOR RENT

    Prototype Analyzer

    Order #: 16505A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 16505A

    Call for Price

  15. Keysight Technologies 1652B FOR RENT

    80 Channel Logic Analyzer 100 MHz with Oscilloscope

    Order #: 1652B-RENT2

    Mfg #: 1652B

    Call for Price

  16. Keysight Technologies 16521A FOR RENT

    Pattern Generator

    Order #: 16521A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 16521A

    Call for Price

  17. Keysight Technologies 16542A FOR RENT

    Deep Memory Logic Analysis Module

    Order #: 16542A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 16542A

    Call for Price

  18. Keysight Technologies 1660A FOR RENT

    Logic Analyzer, 100MHz state speed, 130 data channels

    Order #: 1660A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 1660A

    Call for Price

  19. Keysight Technologies 1661C FOR RENT

    Benchtop Logic Analyzer 102 Channel, 100MHz State Speed

    Order #: 1661C-RENT2

    Mfg #: 1661C

    Call for Price

  20. Keysight Technologies 1664A FOR RENT

    34-Channel 50 MHz State/500 MHz Timing Logic Analyzer

    Order #: 1664A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 1664A

    Call for Price

  21. Keysight Technologies 16700A FOR RENT

    Logic Analyzer Mainframe with 003-160 Mbyte System

    Order #: 16700A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 16700A

    Call for Price

  22. Keysight Technologies 16700B FOR RENT

    Logic Analysis System Mainframe 5 measurement module slots

    Order #: 16700B-RENT2

    Mfg #: 16700B

    Call for Price

  23. Keysight Technologies 16701B FOR RENT

    Logic Analysis System Expansion Frame

    Order #: 16701B-RENT2

    Mfg #: 16701B

    Call for Price

  24. Keysight Technologies 1671D FOR RENT

    Logic Analyzer 102-CHANNEL 100 MHz STATE/250 MHz Timing

    Order #: 1671D-RENT2

    Mfg #: 1671D

    Call for Price

  25. Keysight Technologies 16711A FOR RENT

    100 MHz State Analysis, 2 GHz Timing Logic Analysis Card

    Order #: 16711A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 16711A

    Call for Price

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