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Hart Communicator Rental

Hart Communicator Rental


Field Communicators are devices that are designed to "communicate" with (i.e. read and adjust) a variety of transmitters and other intelligent field and control instruments through established communication protocols.


The communication protocols allows measurement and control devices in the field to communicate digitally with the plant's central operating systems. Field Communicators are used to connect to field devices in the field (vs. from a centrally located operating or control room), allowing for immediate troubleshooting and / or adjustments.


The most common communication protocol in the industrial world is the HART Protocol®, which was developed by Rosemount and is now managed through the non-profit HART Communication Foundation.The other commonly used protocol is FOUNDATION Fieldbus®. When ordering or renting a field communicator, always have available the required protocols that need to be supported.


Communicator software occasionally receives updates, which can either be done online or by sending the unit to Transcat for service.Emerson 475 Field Communicator rentals from Transcat



In addition, some Documenting Process Calibrators also havesome HART and Foundation Fieldbus communicating capabilities. Fluke 754 Documenting Process Calibrator offers an extensive array of HART communication capabilities, while the GE DruckDPI 620 Genii Advanced Modular Calibrator and HART/Fieldbus Communicator offers a full range of HART and Foundation Fieldbus communication options and is capable of operating as a stand-alone communicator.


Emerson 475 Communicator Rentals

The Emerson 475 is the field communicator with the largest market share. It is made by Emerson, the company behind both the HART protocol design - which has since been given to the non-profit HART Foundation - and the leading transmitter brand, Rosemount. Emerson comunicators are reliable, with good connectivity, an extensive HART library, provide optional FOUNDATION Fieldbus support and a realtively easy way to upgrade firmware and drivers on the unit. Transcat rents both HART-only and FOUNDATION Fieldbus Emerson 475 devices, with Bluetooth connectivity and extra batteries, and we can also provide financing for a potential purchase. 


Meriam MFC-5150X Intrinsically Safe Communicator Rentals

The Meriam MFC 5150X is a unit that has great HART support and functionality, but lacks market awareness. It delivers very well in terms of product design, features and price. It offers full HART communication functionality, accepts native HART drivers without translation, it sports a very intuitive user interface, and a slim design that is easier to hold in one hand and operate with thumbs than that of the Emerson 475. It includes a full QUERTY keyboard, making data entry easy during the process of commissioning new transmitters. It is also intrinsically safe for Class I, Zone 0, thus it is suitable for work in hazardous environments. The MFC-5150X does not support FOUNDATION Fieldbus at this time.


What to consider before renting a field communicator?


  • Which communication protocols need to be supported?
  • Will I be performing calibrations and adjustments while using the field communicator?
  • Will I need to operate the unit in an environment which requires intrinsically safe operation?

When in doubt - call Transcat or click here to request a Rental Quick Quote or ask us a question.

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  1. Emerson 475HP1EKLUGMTAS for Rent

    Field Communicator without FieldBus FLV $7029

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    Mfg #: 475HP1EKLUGMTAS-RENT1

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    $333.00 USD
  2. Emerson 475FP1EKLUGMTAS for Rent

    Field Communicator w/Fieldbus FLV $8924

    Order #: 475FP1EKLUGMTAS-RENT1

    Mfg #: 475FP1EKLUGMTAS-RENT1

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  3. Meriam MFC-5150 for Rent

    Intrinsically Safe HART Communicator FLV$6417

    Order #: MFC-5150-RENT1

    Mfg #: MFC 5150

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  4. Meriam MFC4100 for Rent

    HART Communicator FLV $3500

    Order #: MFC4100-RENT1

    Mfg #: MFC4100-RENT1

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  5. Meriam MFC4101 for Rent


    Order #: MFC4101-RENT1

    Mfg #: MFC4101-RENT1

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