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Datalogger Rental

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  1. Hioki LR8400-20 for Rent

    Temperature Data Logger to 30 channels FLV $2,900

    Order #: LR8400-20-RENT1

    Mfg #: LR8400-20

    Call for Price

  2. Keysight Technologies 34972A for Rent

    LXI Data Acquisition Switch Unit w/LAN & USB FLV $2,019.00

    Order #: 34972A-RENT1

    Mfg #: 34972A-RENT1

    In stock

    Call for Price

  3. Onset HOBO Data Loggers UX100-023 FOR RENT

    Temperature & Relative Humidity Data Logger FLV $250

    Order #: UX100-023-RENT1

    Mfg #: UX100-023-RENT1

    In stock

    Call for Price

  4. Onset HOBO Data Loggers U24-001 FOR RENT

    HOBO Conductivity Logger 0-10,000 uS/cm FLV $750

    Order #: U24-001-RENT1

    Mfg #: U24-001-RENT1

    In stock

    Call for Price

  5. Onset HOBO Data Loggers BASE-U-4 FOR RENT

    Optic USB Data Transfer Base Station FLV $99

    Order #: BASE-U-4-RENT1

    Mfg #: BASE-U-4-RENT1

    Call for Price

  6. Keysight Technologies 3497A FOR RENT

    Data Acquisition Control Unit Mainframe, HP-IB interface

    Order #: 3497A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 3497A

    Call for Price

  7. Keysight Technologies 34970A FOR RENT

    Data Acquisition Switch Unit 6 1/2-digit internal DMM

    Order #: 34970A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 34970A

    Call for Price

  8. Fluke 2287A FOR RENT

    Helios Plus Data Logger Mainframe

    Order #: 2287A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 2287A

    Call for Price

  9. Fluke 2645A FOR RENT

    Universal Input Module 20 Channel

    Order #: 2645A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 2645A

    Call for Price

  10. Keysight Technologies 34901A FOR RENT

    20 Channel Multiplexer Module

    Order #: 34901A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 34901A

    Call for Price

  11. Keysight Technologies 34908A FOR RENT

    40 Channel Single-Ended Multiplexer Module

    Order #: 34908A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 34908A

    Call for Price

  12. Keysight Technologies 83220E FOR RENT

    DCS/PCS MS Test Set, 1805 MHz to 1990 MHz

    Order #: 83220E-RENT2

    Mfg #: 83220E

    Call for Price

  13. Keysight Technologies 3852A FOR RENT

    Data Acquisition & Control Unit Has 8 plug-in slots

    Order #: 3852A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 3852A

    Call for Price

  14. Keysight Technologies 3421A FOR RENT

    Data Acquisition Control Unit

    Order #: 3421A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 3421A

    Call for Price

  15. Keysight Technologies E5252A FOR RENT

    10X12 Matrix Switch

    Order #: E5252A-RENT2

    Mfg #: E5252A

    Call for Price

  16. Keysight Technologies 5300A FOR RENT

    Measuring System, Mainframe 6 Digits

    Order #: 5300A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 5300A

    Call for Price

  17. Keysight Technologies 59306A FOR RENT

    Relay Actuator

    Order #: 59306A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 59306A

    Call for Price

  18. Dewetron TRC-18 FOR RENT

    Portable Data Recorder 18 Channel, 8 GB RAM

    Order #: TRC-18-RENT2

    Mfg #: TRC-18

    Call for Price

  19. Keysight Technologies 44421A FOR RENT

    20 Channel Guarded Acquisition

    Order #: 44421A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 44421A

    Call for Price

  20. Keysight Technologies 44422A FOR RENT

    20 Channel T-Couple Acquisition

    Order #: 44422A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 44422A

    Call for Price

  21. Keysight Technologies 44428A FOR RENT

    16 Channel Actuator/Digital Output Assembly

    Order #: 44428A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 44428A

    Call for Price

  22. Keysight Technologies 44470A FOR RENT

    10-Channel Multiplexer Module 2A, 250V, 2-Wire, Latch Relays

    Order #: 44470A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 44470A

    Call for Price

  23. Keysight Technologies 44470D FOR RENT

    20-Channel Multiplexer Module

    Order #: 44470D-RENT2

    Mfg #: 44470D

    Call for Price

  24. Keysight Technologies 44472A FOR RENT

    4-Channel VHF Switch for 3448AHP

    Order #: 44472A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 44472A

    Call for Price

  25. Keysight Technologies 44473A FOR RENT

    4X4 Amtrix switch for HP 3488

    Order #: 44473A-RENT2

    Mfg #: 44473A

    Call for Price

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Items 1-25 of 34

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