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Cable Tester

Cable Tester

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    CertiFiber PRO Quad OLTS w/Dbl. ended Inspection FLV $17000

    Order #: CFP-100-QI-RENT1

    Mfg #: CFP-100-QI-RENT1

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  2. Fluke Networks DSX-5000 for Rent

    Versiv Copper Network Cable Tester FLV $11K

    Order #: DSX-5000-RENT1

    Mfg #: DSX-5000 120

    In stock

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  3. Fluke Networks DSX-5000QOI FOR RENT

    1 GHz DSX w/Quad OTDR & Fiber Inspection FLV $40,000

    Order #: DSX-5000QOI-RENT1

    Mfg #: DSX-5000QOI

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  4. Fluke Networks DTX10GKIT for Rent

    DTX-1800 Alien Crosstalk Analyzer Kit FLV $4000

    Order #: DTX10GKIT-RENT1

    Mfg #: DTX10GKIT-RENT1

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  5. Fluke Networks MMC-62-SCST for Rent

    Multimode Launch Cable 62.5 micrometers, SC/ST FVl $310

    Order #: MMC-62-SCST-RENT1

    Mfg #: 4116352

    In stock

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  6. Anritsu ML96B FOR RENT

    Optical Power Meter, hand-held Weighs 300g, Battery operated

    Order #: ML96B-RENT2

    Mfg #: ML96B

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  7. Anritsu ME0315C FOR RENT

    156M Optical Receiver

    Order #: ME0315C-RENT2

    Mfg #: ME0315C

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  8. Anritsu MA9302A FOR RENT

    0.75 to 1.8um, Optical Power Sensor

    Order #: MA9302A-RENT2

    Mfg #: MA9302A

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  9. Exfo FOT-12AX /FOT-10A FOR RENT

    Fiber-Optic Power Meter

    Order #: FOT-12AX /FOT-10A-RENT2

    Mfg #: FOT-12AX /FOT-10A

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  10. Exfo BRT-320A-03BLC-58 FOR RENT

    Fiber Optic Return Loss Test Set

    Order #: BRT-320A-03BLC-58-RENT2

    Mfg #: BRT-320A-03BLC-58

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  11. Fluke Networks DTX-GFM2 for Rent

    Gigabit Fiber Adapter for DTX-1800 FLV $5,870

    Order #: DTX-GFM2-RENT1

    Mfg #: DTX-GFM2

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  12. Fluke Networks DTX-OTDR-QMOD for Rent

    DTX Compact OTDR Module FLV $10,000

    Order #: DTX-OTDR-QMOD-RENT1

    Mfg #: DTX-OTDR-QMOD

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  13. Fluke Networks DTX-SFM2 for Rent

    Single Mode Fiber Module/ DTX-1800 FLV $6000

    Order #: DTX-SFM2-RENT1

    Mfg #: DTX-SFM2-RENT1

    In stock

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  14. Fluke Networks DTX-MFM2 for Rent

    DTX-MFM2 DTX Multimode Fiber Module Set FLV $5,000

    Order #: DTX-MFM2-RENT1

    Mfg #: DTX-MFM2-RENT1

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  15. JDSU SmartClass Ethernet for Rent

    Handheld Ethernet Test Tool FLV $5500



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  16. Allen DTX-10GKIT for Rent

    Alien Crosstalk Analyzer Kit for DTX-1800 FLV $4,000

    Order #: DTX-10GKIT-RENT1

    Mfg #: DTX-10GKIT

    In stock

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  17. Fluke Networks TN2100 for Rent

    Enhanced Terminator Far End Device FLV $1200

    Order #: TN2100-RENT1

    Mfg #: TN2100-RENT1

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  18. Fluke Networks 990DSLWT for Rent

    CopperPro Loop Tester FLV $3600

    Order #: 990DSLWT-RENT1

    Mfg #: 990DSLWT-RENT1

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  19. Fluke Networks DTX-COAX for Rent

    Coax Adapter FLV $1200

    Order #: DTX-COAX-RENT1

    Mfg #: DTX-COX-RENT1

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  20. TCPA 300 FOR RENT

    Amplifier, AC/DC Current Probe DC to 100 MHz

    Order #: TCPA 300-RENT2

    Mfg #: TCPA 300

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