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Vibration Meters

Vibration Meters

Vibration Testers & Loggers


A vibration logger is an instrument used for measuring a machine’s condition as part of a preventive maintenance program.  The meter’s sensor reads the vibration of equipment or of specific mechanical components, such as bearings. Each vibration data logger or tester will have a specific range of frequencies it can measure. Testers display the frequency signals in Hz, while loggers also record and analyze the signals. Depending upon the model, vibration meters and transmitters can measure acceleration, velocity, and displacement. Transmitters are used when ongoing monitoring is required.


Excess vibration in rotating machinery is often caused by worn bearings and couplings, broken parts, misalignment, or balance problems. By taking and recording vibration measurements, you may be able to pre-empt equipment failures and reduce downtime. You can check fans, bearings, motors and more with our instruments from TPI, Fluke, Extech and other industrial testing leaders.


Selecting a Vibration Tester


Use our vibration testers and loggers to strategize maintenance and repairs, troubleshoot equipment, locate or prevent failures, and evaluate overall component health. Vibration levels appear on-screen and frequently offer severity-scaled results to notify professionals of equipment that requires prompt attention.


You can select vibration testers by assessing the accuracy, frequency range, measurement modes, alerts, reading storage, interface, analysis capabilities, and data sampling rates of the device.


Analyzing Equipment Issues


The Fluke 810 is your partner in avoiding mechanical issues. You can locate and diagnose faults relating to alignment, balance and tightness. Extech also keeps you informed with its combination vibration meter/data logger, which features a remote vibration sensor and a wide frequency range.


Vibration Meter Tester Equipment Rentals for Short Term or Project Needs


Transcat’s test equipment rental services offer a wide range of test and measurement instruments available for rent. Weekly and Monthly rentals are available, and we will always consider adding your unique request to our growing inventory of rental products. Our vibration meter tester rental services put top of the line Fluke Networks tools in your hand at a fraction of the purchase price. 

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  1. Fluke 810/TRAINING

    810 Vibration Tester Training program book

    Order #: 810/TRAINING

    Mfg #: 810/TRAINING

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $299.99 USD

    $269.99 USD

  2. Fluke 810/+TRNG

    810 Vibration Tester Plus Training program book

    Order #: 810/+TRNG

    Mfg #: 810/+TRNG

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $10,999.99 USD
  3. Fluke 810

    Vibration Tester

    Order #: 810

    Mfg #: FLUKE-810

    In stock

    $9,999.99 USD
  4. Fluke 805 FC

    Fluke Connect Vibration Meter

    Order #: 805 FC

    Mfg #: FLUKE-805 FC

    In stock

    $1,999.99 USD
  5. Monarch Instrument 6400-011

    Examiner 1000 Vibration Meter/ Electronic Stethoscope System

    Order #: 24470E

    Mfg #: 6400-011

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $1,200.00 USD

    $1,140.00 USD

  6. Fluke 805/ES

    External Vibration Sensor 90 deg head, high power mag

    Order #: 805/ES

    Mfg #: FLUKE-805/ES

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $1,299.99 USD
  7. SPM Instrument VC100

    VibChecker 10-1000HZ

    Order #: VC100

    Mfg #: VC100

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $1,695.00 USD
  8. Extech 407860

    Vibration Mtr/Hd W/Displacement Function

    Order #: 407860

    Mfg #: 407860

    In stock

    $899.00 USD

    $791.12 USD

  9. Extech VB400

    Pen Vibration Meter

    Order #: VB400

    Mfg #: VB400

    In stock

    $579.00 USD

    $509.52 USD

  10. Extech SDL800

    Vibration Meter SD Logger

    Order #: SDL800

    Mfg #: SDL800

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $1,049.00 USD

    $923.12 USD

  11. Dwyer Instruments VBT-1

    Vibration Transmitter 4-20mA Output

    Order #: VBT-1

    Mfg #: VBT-1

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $357.00 USD

    $346.29 USD

  12. Test Products International 9070

    Vibration Tester

    Order #: 9070

    Mfg #: 9070

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $495.00 USD
  13. Test Products International 9080-TPI


    Order #: 9080-TPI

    Mfg #: 9080

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $995.00 USD
  14. SPM Instrument T30-1

    Machine Condition Tester

    Order #: T30-1

    Mfg #: T30-1

    In stock

    $4,240.60 USD
  15. SPM Instrument T30-1 Set

    Vibration Meter Set with Accessories

    Order #: T30-1 SET

    Mfg #: T30-1 SET

    Product is currently not available

    $5,583.56 USD
  16. SPM Instrument T30-2 SET

    Machine Condition Tester

    Order #: T30-2 SET

    Mfg #: T30-2 SET

    Product is currently not available

    $10,003.83 USD
  17. SPM Instrument T30-3 SET

    Tester Expert Set

    Order #: T30-3 SET EXPERT

    Mfg #: T30-3 SET

    Product is currently not available

    $17,700.71 USD
  18. SPM Instrument TAD12

    Contact Wheel, Meter/Min

    Order #: TAD12

    Mfg #: TAD12

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $28.03 USD
  19. SPM Instrument TAD15

    Contact Center,Long

    Order #: TAD15

    Mfg #: TAD15

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $19.76 USD
  20. SPM Instrument TAD18

    Tachometer Probe

    Order #: TAD18

    Mfg #: TAD18

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $470.60 USD
  21. SPM Instrument TAD18TA

    Tachometer Probe

    Order #: TAD18TA

    Mfg #: TAD18TA

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $470.60 USD
  22. ITM Instruments SD-8205

    Vibration Meter/Datalogger

    Order #: SD-8205

    Mfg #: SD-8205

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $695.00 USD
  23. Monarch Instrument 6220-031

    Vibration Strobe CSI Kit 115/230V for model 2120 only

    Order #: 6220-031

    Mfg #: 6220-031

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $2,300.00 USD

    $2,185.00 USD

  24. Monarch Instrument 6220-032

    Vibration Strobe Kit 115/ 230V

    Order #: 6220-032

    Mfg #: 6220-032

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $2,300.00 USD

    $2,185.00 USD

  25. Monarch Instrument 6220-033

    Vibration Strobe Kit 115/ 230V

    Order #: 6220-033

    Mfg #: 6220-033

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $2,195.00 USD

    $2,085.25 USD

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