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Pressure Measurement

Pressure Measurement

Pressure Measurement Devices


Transcat carries a wide array of pressure measurement devices and calibration equipment, including analog and digital pressure gauges, pressure controllers and regulators, general pressure calibrators, and laboratory standards to help you keep your pressure measurements accurate. At Transcat you will find all the leaders in the field of pressure measurement, monitoring and control, including GE's Druck, Dwyer Instruments, Ashcroft, Ametek, Fluke, Meriam and more. We’ll ensure you have instruments with optimal precision and real value.



Categories of Pressure Equipment


Our categories of pressure instruments feature a full range of functionality to accommodate virtually every pressure process, environment and media:

  • Analog pressure gauges – precision test, process, differential and liquid pressure instruments.
  • Digital pressure gauges – multifunctional, microprocessor, precision test and intrinsically safe models.
  • Pumps – hydraulic and pneumatic models, test kits, hand pumps, and calibration kits.
  • Manometers – smart, wet/wet pressure, absolute, differential, micro-manometer and other devices.
  • Regulators – control modules and precision regulators that manage pressures in a range of applications.
  • Transducers/Sensors – high accuracy, submersible, general purpose, and intrinsically safe products.
  • Digital Pressure Gauges – portable, industrial, precision, and microprocessor controlled options.
  • Tubing & Fittings – adaptor and hose kits, seals, and calibration sources.
  • Miscellaneous Instruments – portable pressure sources, gauges, volume controllers and other devices.



The Industry’s Leading Pressure Brands


What can Transcat bring to your pressure testing, measurement and regulation? We distribute products from the manufacturers who advance instrumentation, while supporting quality and accuracy. You can order Dwyer, Ashcroft, and Crystal pressure gages. Find Meriam and GE manometers or Siemens regulators. Buy Ralston hoses, Fluke pumps, and Weber sensors. We offer more options to satisfy safety and regulatory requirements.



Browse our categories of pressure measurement and control equipment now. Also feel free to contact us through Live Chat, e-mail, or at 800.828.1470 for personalized assistance.

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