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Oscilloscope Probe Options


The correct probe supports accurate measurements. Our large oscilloscope probe selection includes industrial, active, passive and specialized probes that accommodate your unique requirements. Remember that probes can be designed as manufacturer/model-dependent. We can help you order an instrument that is compatible with your scope and application. Active probes require external power, while passive do not. The high-performance, active products contain components, such as transistors, and deliver accuracy in higher frequency measurements. We also provide insulated probes for safely capturing high-frequency measurements with portable oscilloscopes. You’ll find products from Fluke, Sigilent, Keysight Technologies and Ponoma to work seamlessly with your scope.



Ordering the Proper Scope Probe


The probe for your oscilloscope should at least match, if not exceed, the bandwidth of the scope. Also make sure you get the right probe for the application. Manufacturers may report bandwidth for a probe as an overall probe-oscilloscope system specification. Models can include specialized features, such as overload protection, which can be evaluated in conjunction with probe specifications:


  • Attenuation ratio
  • Bandwidth
  • Input capacitance and resistance
  • Max input voltage
  • Operating temperature



Superior Industrial Probes for Oscilloscopes


In one place, you can order the correct Fluke industrial probe set with a 500 MHz rating, an Instek high-impendence probe, or an AEMC 30MHz differential probe. Our Fluke scope probe selection includes double-insulated, 200 MHz products for the ScopeMeter 190 series. Looking for a general purpose probe? Pomona offers passive probes in one-piece designs for longer life. We also stock current probes from Keysight Technologies that provide compatibility with InfiniiVision and Infiniium scopes as they deliver superior accuracy. A Keysight N2870A Series passive probe delivers high-performance with up to 1.5 GHz bandwidth.


Buy Calibrated Oscilloscope Probes to Reduce Your Downtime


Because Transcat operates dozens of ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Labs across the United States and Canada, we are uniquely positioned to offer new instrument calibration services on most of the items we distribute.  If your quality system requires that your instruments have a valid calibration certificate at all times, take advantage of our oscilloscope calibration capabilities so that your instrument arrives ready to be put into use.


Order the right probe for your scope now. To verify compatibility, chat with a rep, or call 800.828.1470.


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  1. Keysight Technologies N2793A

    Differential Probe,800MHz

    Order #: N2793A

    Mfg #: N2793A

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $3,196.00 USD
  2. Keysight Technologies N2792A

    Differential Probe,200MHz

    Order #: N2792A

    Mfg #: N2792A

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $1,923.00 USD
  3. Keysight Technologies N2791A

    Differential Probe,25MHz

    Order #: N2791A

    Mfg #: N2791A

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $638.00 USD
  4. Keysight Technologies DSOX4COMP

    Computer Serial Triggering & Analysis(RS232/UART)License

    Order #: DSOX4COMP

    Mfg #: DSOX4COMP

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $1,530.00 USD
  5. Keysight Technologies DSOX4EMBD

    Embedded Serial Triggering & Analysis License/4000X Series

    Order #: DSOX4EMBD

    Mfg #: DSOX4EMBD

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $1,530.00 USD
  6. RIGOL NFP-3

    Near Feld Probe Kit with four probes, 30MHz to 3GHz

    Order #: NFP-3

    Mfg #: NFP-3

    In stock

    $499.00 USD
  7. Cal Test Electronics CP6550-NA

    Oscilloscope Current Probe, 500 kHz, 50A AC/DC, NA Adapter

    Order #: CP6550-NA

    Mfg #: CP6550-NA

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $660.00 USD
  8. Fluke VPS420-R

    Voltage Probe Set,150MHz,100:1, CAT III 2000V(1000V to Earth)

    Order #: VPS420-R

    Mfg #: VPS420-R

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $249.99 USD

    $224.99 USD

  9. Keysight Technologies 33621A-MEM

    Add 64M Samples Memory per Channel

    Order #: 33621A-MEM

    Mfg #: 33621A-MEM

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $300.00 USD
  10. Fluke VPS210-R

    10:1 Voltage Probe Set,Red, 200MHz,1.2m

    Order #: VPS210-R

    Mfg #: VPS210-R

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $199.99 USD

    $177.79 USD

  11. Keysight Technologies 33621A-GPB

    GPIB Interface Module for 33600A Waveform Generators

    Order #: 33621A-GPB

    Mfg #: 33621A-GPB

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $150.00 USD
  12. Fluke AS400

    Probe Accessory Extension Set for VPS400 Probes

    Order #: AS400

    Mfg #: AS400

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $129.99 USD

    $115.56 USD

  13. Keysight Technologies 33621A-SEC

    Enable NISPOM & File Security

    Order #: 33621A-SEC

    Mfg #: 33621A-SEC

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $100.00 USD
  14. Fluke VPS210-G

    10:1 Voltage Probe Set,Grey, 200MHz,1.2M

    Order #: VPS210-G

    Mfg #: VPS210-G

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $199.99 USD

    $177.79 USD

  15. Fluke VPS410-II-G


    Order #: VPS410-II-G

    Mfg #: VPS410-II-G

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $199.99 USD

    $177.79 USD

  16. Fluke VPS410-B

    Voltage Probe Set,10:1,Blue

    Order #: VPS410-B

    Mfg #: VPS410-B

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $199.99 USD

    $177.79 USD

  17. Fluke VPS410-V

    Voltage Probe Set,10:1,Green

    Order #: VPS410-V

    Mfg #: VPS410-V

    Product is currently not available

    Replaced by: VPS410-II-V

    $199.99 USD

    $177.79 USD

  18. Keysight Technologies N2862B

    Passive Probe,10:1,150MHz,1.2m Low-cost

    Order #: N2862B

    Mfg #: N2862B

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $112.00 USD
  19. Siglent PP430

    Passive Probe,300MHz,1X/10X Attenuation

    Order #: PP430

    Mfg #: PP430

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $55.00 USD
  20. Instek GTP-020A-4

    Passive High Impendence Oscilloscope Probe

    Order #: GTP-020A-4

    Mfg #: GTP-020A-4

    In stock

    $25.00 USD

    $23.75 USD

  21. Siglent PB470

    Passive Probe,70MHz,1X/10X Attenuation

    Order #: PB470

    Mfg #: PB470

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $8.00 USD
  22. Keysight Technologies 10070D

    Passive Probe,20MHz,1:1

    Order #: 10070D

    Mfg #: 10070D

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $195.00 USD
  23. Keysight Technologies 10072A

    SMT Clip Kit for 10070 Probe

    Order #: 10072A

    Mfg #: 10072A

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $137.00 USD
  24. Pomona 6495

    Oscilloscope Probe 250MHz x 10

    Order #: 6495

    Mfg #: 6495

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $84.99 USD

    $82.44 USD

  25. Test Products International GEX75

    72 Inch Cable

    Order #: GEX75

    Mfg #: GEX-75

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $46.95 USD

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Items 1-25 of 218

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