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Ac Loads

Ac Loads

During AC electronic load tests, loads are simulated to confirm that a power device or system can operate properly, according to its capacity rating. This type of resistive load testing can often pinpoint power system issues in time for preventive maintenance to be performed. AC load tests can also evaluate the capacity of your essential batteries. Our loads are built to help you reduce downtime, power disruptions and risks to systems. They are valued in utility, transportation, data center, industrial manufacturing and communications environments. Our portable AC load products from Eagle Eye Power Solutions withstands harsh field testing conditions. The AC Load Banks from Eagle Eye are designed to test generator sets, UPS units, power inverters and other AC sources of power. Transcat also stocks devices that flexibly support both AC and DC load applications.


Buying an AC Load Bank


When it’s time to buy a reliable AC load unit, ask yourself a few questions:


  • What is the model designed to test? Its applications?
  • What are the specified load steps?
  • What is the appropriate input voltage?
  • Is there protection from overheating and current overloads?
  • How is the device constructed and controlled?
  • Do I need portability?


AC Solutions for Testing and Field


Eagle Eye Power Solution builds a LB-60-80 Load Bank that supplies a temporary electronic load for field service and testing. The air-cooled bank can efficiently test three-phase or single-phase generators and inverters, according to VAC specifications. Individual switches are provided for fan, load step, and master load control. Eagle Eye is at the forefront of developing rugged, compact AC loads for the field, featuring ease of transport and operation.


Find the right AC load for your application. For product details, chat with us live, or call 800.828.1470.

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  1. Eagle Eye Power Solutions LB-60-30

    60HZ 120/240VAC SINGLE PHASE 208V 3PHASE 30KW

    Order #: LB-60-30

    Mfg #: LB-60-30

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $6,869.00 USD

    $6,525.55 USD

  2. Eagle Eye Power Solutions LB-60-80

    60HZ 480/208 3PH 100KW 480VAC AND 80KW AT 208VAC

    Order #: LB-60-80

    Mfg #: LB-60-80

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $11,244.00 USD

    $10,681.80 USD

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