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Keysight Function & Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Keysight Function & Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Check out Transcat's Keysight Waveform / Function Generator Selection Guide to compare models side by side and find the right product for your application!

When waveform analysis is critical to your electronic quality assurance and testing program, relying on the right Keysight test tools, like a high-quality Keysight function & arbitrary waveform generator, is vital for troubleshooting your equipment and getting back online as fast as possible. For over 50 years, Transcat has offered industry-leading test tools designed to promote system functionality and reliability, and with our diverse inventory of Keysight (formerly known as Agilent) function & waveform generators, you’ll find the solution for your most troublesome electronic system functionality issues. 


Transcat understands the value associated with reliable electronic test equipment, which is why we supply Keysight waveform generator systems to companies around the world for their electrical testing and calibration needs. With a Keysight function generator, you and your team can create and simulate highly complex testing signals, and use these custom waveforms to highlight faults in your equipment faster and more accurately than ever before. Check out our Keysight Waveform Generators Selection Guide to compare models and find the right tool for your application!


Keysight Waveform Generator Features:


  • Can generate point-by-point arbitrary waveforms in many applications
  • A wide range of waveform options, including sine, pulse, ramp up, and ramp down
  • Multiple options for standard, custom, and arbitrary waveform generation
  • Allows for improved waveform signal review with less jittering and greater fidelity
  • Signal generation capabilities ranging from 10 to 120 MHz
  • Keysight systems feature exclusive Trueform technology
  • Highly reliable benchtop function generators useful for troubleshooting and in-house calibration


Keysight Waveform & Function Generator Calibration Services


No matter where and how you use your Keysight waveform & function generator, knowing that your system is delivering accurate, reliable data is paramount. Transcat knows the value you place on your function and waveform generators, and we know exactly how to calibrate your systems and ensure unmatched reliability. Transcat’s Keysight waveform & function generator calibration services were developed to not only provide our customers with the most reliable services possible, but to add a level of convenience and responsiveness that our competitors can’t easily match. Thanks to our network of North American test tool calibration laboratories, you’ll find that you’re never far from a lab that will provide highly accurate calibration services for your Keysight waveform generators. Plus, when you consider our ISO/IEC 17025-accredited calibration capabilities, our in-process and onsite calibration service offerings, and our reputation for quality and reliability, you’ll know that no one can better service your Keysight test tools.


Buy Keysight Function Generators Online from Transcat


If you’d like to learn more about Transcat’s selection of Keysight function & waveform generators, or have questions about our Keysight test tool calibration services, please call us at 800-800-5001, fill out our online Request a Quote form, or speak directly to a Transcat associate using our Live Chat system, which is located on the right-hand side of this page.

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  1. Keysight Technologies 33622A

    Waveform Generator,120MHz, 2-Channel

    Order #: 33622A

    Mfg #: 33622A

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $6,689.00 USD
  2. Keysight Technologies 33612A

    Waveform Generator,80MHz 2-Channel

    Order #: 33612A

    Mfg #: 33612A

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $5,689.00 USD
  3. Keysight Technologies 33512B

    Waveform Generator,20MHz 2-Channel w/Arb

    Order #: 33512B

    Mfg #: 33512B

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $3,110.00 USD
  4. Keysight Technologies 33621A

    Waveform Generator,120MHz, 1-Channel

    Order #: 33621A

    Mfg #: 33621A

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $4,690.00 USD
  5. Keysight Technologies 33509B

    Waveform Generator,20MHz 1-Channel

    Order #: 33509B

    Mfg #: 33509B

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $1,739.00 USD
  6. Keysight Technologies 6811B

    AC Source/Analyzer,0-300Vrms 375VA,Single-phase,GPIB,RS232

    Order #: 6811B

    Mfg #: 6811B

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $7,910.00 USD
  7. Keysight Technologies 33611A

    Waveform Generator,80MHz 1-Channel

    Order #: 33611A

    Mfg #: 33611A

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $3,991.00 USD
  8. Keysight Technologies 33511B

    Waveform Generator,20MHz 1-Channel w/Arb

    Order #: 33511B

    Mfg #: 33511B

    In stock

    $2,056.00 USD
  9. Keysight Technologies 33250A

    Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator,80MHz

    Order #: 33250A

    Mfg #: 33250A

    Product is currently not available

    Replaced by: 33611A

    $6,132.00 USD
  10. Keysight Technologies 33210A

    Function/Arbitrary Generator 10MHz

    Order #: 33210A

    Mfg #: 33210A

    In stock

    $1,346.00 USD
  11. Keysight Technologies 33522B

    Waveform Generator,30MHz 2-Channel w/Arb

    Order #: 33522B

    Mfg #: 33522B

    In stock

    $3,426.00 USD
  12. Keysight Technologies DSOX2WAVEGEN

    WaveGen Function Generator 20MHz

    Order #: DSOX2WAVEGEN


    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $509.00 USD
  13. Keysight Technologies DSOX3WAVEGEN

    WaveGen Built-in Function & Arbitrary Generator/3000XSeries

    Order #: DSOX3WAVEGEN


    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $750.00 USD
  14. Keysight Technologies DSOX4WAVEGEN2

    Dual-Channel Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator License

    Order #: DSOX4WAVEGEN2

    Mfg #: DSOX4WAVEGEN2

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $1,020.00 USD
  15. Keysight Technologies U2761A

    Function/Arbitrary waveform generator, USB modular-U2761A,

    Order #: U2761A

    Mfg #: U2761A

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $1,895.00 USD
  16. Keysight Technologies 33210A-001

    10MHz External Timebase

    Order #: 33210A-001

    Mfg #: 33210A-001

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $412.00 USD
  17. Keysight Technologies 33210A-002

    8 k-point Arbitrary Waveform Generator

    Order #: 33210A-002

    Mfg #: 33210A-002

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $412.00 USD
  18. Keysight Technologies 33220A/ABA

    Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator,20 MHz

    Order #: 33220A

    Mfg #: 33220A

    Product is currently not available

    Replaced by: 33511B

    $3,080.00 USD
  19. Keysight Technologies 33510B

    Waveform Generator,20MHz 2-Channel

    Order #: 33510B

    Mfg #: 33510B

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $2,657.00 USD
  20. Keysight Technologies 33519B

    Waveform Generator,30MHz 1-Channel

    Order #: 33519B

    Mfg #: 33519B

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $1,950.00 USD
  21. Keysight Technologies 33520B

    Waveform Generator,30MHz 2-Channel

    Order #: 33520B

    Mfg #: 33520B

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $2,978.00 USD
  22. Keysight Technologies 33521B

    Waveform Generator,30MHz 1-Channel w/Arb

    Order #: 33521B

    Mfg #: 33521B

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $2,266.00 USD
  23. Keysight Technologies 6812B

    AC Source/Analyzer,0-300Vrms 750 VA,Single-phase,GPIB,RS-232

    Order #: 6812B

    Mfg #: 6812B

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $9,657.00 USD
  24. Keysight Technologies 6812B-020

    Dual Power Analyzer

    Order #: 6812B-020

    Mfg #: 6812B-020

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $3,705.00 USD
  25. Keysight Technologies 6812B-026

    AC Source Analyzer,26 Volt 0.1A,Auxiliary Reference Output

    Order #: 6812B-026

    Mfg #: 6812B-026

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $2,556.00 USD

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