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Corporate Governance

Transcat's corporate governance guidelines reflect the Board's commitment to monitor the effectiveness of policy and decision-making both at the Board and management level, with a view to enhancing long-term shareholder value.

Board of DirectorsExecutive Officers and Senior Management
Charles P. Hadeed,

Chairman of the Board
Retired Chief Executive Officer, Transcat, Inc.

Lee D. Rudow

President and Chief Executive Officer

Richard J. Harrison 1

Retired Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Five Star Bank

Michael J. Tschiderer

Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Gary J. Haseley 3*

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Kaman Automation, Control & Energy

Scott D. Deverell

Corporate Controller and Principal Accounting Officer

Paul D. Moore 1*

Retired Senior Vice President, M&T Bank Corporation

Robert A. Flack

Vice President of Operations

Angela J. Panzarella 2, 3

Retired President, ACM Laboratory

Jennifer J Nelson

Vice President of Human Resources

Alan H. Resnick 1

President, Janal Capital Management LLC

Michael W. West

Vice President of Inside Sales and Marketing

Lee D. Rudow

President and Chief Executive Officer

Carl E. Sassano 2*, 3

Retired Chief Executive Officer, Transcat, Inc.

John T. Smith 2

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
Solü Technology Partners

1 - Audit Committee
2 - Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee
3 - Compensation Committee
*Committee Chair