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Hoyt Electrical Instrument 5026

Panel Meter, 5AAC, 10AAC

Transcat Order #: N7802-D1374256137

Mfg Part #: N7802-D1374256137

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Overview :

Product Highlights

  • Dust resistant construction is a standard feature in the 5000 Series panel instruments
  • This unique sealing design provides exceptional gasket sealing while allowing for quick modification and scale changes while maintaining the integrity of the instrument
  • ANSI Specifications: All meters meet ANSI Specifications C39.1
  • Overload: Voltmeters (AC and DC) - 50% momentary 20% sustained. Ammeters (AC and DC) momentary: 10 times the rated current for 10 consecutive intervals of .5 seconds with a 1 minute interval between successive applications; 20% for six hours.
  • Scale Data: 90 degree rotation.
  • Insulation Level: All meters 2600 V RMS.
  • Accuracy: All DC and AC: ±2% of full scale.

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