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Gossen Metrawatt PROFITEST MXTRA

PROFITEST MTECH, add. Selective Earth resistance test

A broad-range measuring device allows for use of the test instrument in all alternating and 3-phase electrical systems with voltages from 65 to 500 V and frequencies of 15.4 to 420 Hz.


Mfg Part #: M520P

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Overview :

Product Highlights

  • Loop and line impedance measurement
  • Measurement of insulation resistance using nominal voltage, with variable or rising test voltage
  • Low-resistance measurement
  • Earth resistance measurement
  • Standing-surface insulation measurementBLUETOOTH Interface Logo
  • Universal connector system
  • Standard-compliant Testing of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in accordance with IEC 60364-6 and IEC 61851

Testing of residual current devices (RCCBs)

  • Measurement of contact voltage without tripping the RCCB
  • Contact voltage is measured with reference to nominal residual current using 1/3 of the nominal residual current value
  • Tripping test with nominal residual current, tripping time measurement

Special testing for systems and RCCBs

  • Testing of equipment and RCCBs with rising residual current including indication of tripping current and contact voltage at the moment the RCCB is tripped
  • Testing of RCCBs with: ½x, 1x, 2x, 5x IΔN
  • Testing of RCCBs which are suitable for pulsating residual direct current; testing is conducted with positive or negative half-waves
  • Testing of RCCBs with adjustable residual current for determining contact voltage

Testing for special RCDs

  • Selective S, SRCDs, PRCDs (Schukomat, Sidos and others), types G/R, AC, A, F and B, B+, EV

Testing of insulation monitoring devices (IMDs)

  • Insulation monitors are used in power supplies for which a single-pole earth fault may not result in failure of the power supply, for example in operating rooms or photovoltaic systems

Testing of residual current monitoring devices (RCMs)

  • RCMs (residual current monitors) monitor residual current in electrical systems and display it continuously. As is also the case with residual current devices, external switching devices can be controlled in order to shut down supply power in the event that a specified residual current value is exceeded

Intelligent ramp

  • The advantage of this measuring function in contrast to individual measurement of IN and tA is the simultaneous measurement of breaking time and breaking current by means of a test current which is increased in steps, during which the RCD is tripped only once

Earth resistance measurement

  • Earth resistance RE (mains operation) I/U measuring method (2/3-wire measuring method via measuring adapter)
  • Earth resistance RE (battery operation) 3 or 4-wire measuring method via PRO-RE adapter
  • Soil resistivity (battery operation) 4-wire measuring method via PRO-RE adapter
  • Selective earth resistance (mains operation) with 2-pole adapter, probe, earth electrode and current clamp sensor (3-wire measuring method)
  • Selective earth resistance RE (battery operation) with probe, earth electrode and current clamp sensor (4-wire measuring method via PRO-RE adapter and current clamp sensor)
  • Earth loop resistance (battery operation)with 2 clamps (current clamp sensor direct and current clamp transformer via PRO-RE/2 adapter)

Leakage current measurement with PRO-AB adapter

  • Measurement of continuous leakage and patient auxiliary current per IEC 62353 (VDE 0750, part 1) / IEC 601-1 / EN 60 601-1:2006 (Medical electrical equipment _ General requirements for basic safety) is possible with the help of the PRO-AB leakage current measuring adapter used as an accessory with the test instrument

Determining residual voltage / detecting mains fluctuations

  • The EN 60204 standard specifies that after switching supply power off, residual voltage between L and PE must drop to a value of 60 V or less within 5 seconds at all accessible, active components of a machine to which a voltage of greater that 60 V is applied during operation

Automatic test sequence function

  • The use of test sequences is advisable when the same sequence of tests needs to be executed repeatedly with subsequent documentation, for example as required by the standards. Automated test sequences can be created from individual manual measurements with the help of the test sequence function
  • Interface for Bluetooth

Each Unit Includes

  • 1 Test instrument
  • 1 Earthing contact plug insert (country-specific)
  • 1 2-pole measuring adapter and 1 cable for expansion into a 3-pole adapter (PRO-A3-II)
  • 2 Alligator clips
  • 1 Shoulder strap
  • 1 Set of rechargeable batteries (Z502H)
  • 1 Battery charger Z502R
  • 1 Condensed operating instructions
  • 1 Supplement Safety Information
  • 1 DAkkS calibration certificate
  • 1 USB cable