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Fluke Probes & Test Probes

Fluke Probes & Test Probes

The right Fluke accessories expand your multimeter's versatility, and having a selection of probes at your disposal is key to ensuring accurate, reliable readings while switching from voltage to current, to temperature, and more, depending on the task at hand. You probably put a good deal of thought and research into choosing the right multimeter for your business, and applying that same process to probes and accessories allows you to wring every last drop of functionality out of your device. Fluke test probes are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and designs, and are suited for a broad array of applications across industries. Transcat's equipment specialists are available to help you select the best probes to fit your needs, but there are a few things you should consider to help narrow the field.


Probe Selection Considerations


  • What will you test? Do you need probes for voltage, temperature, current, gas, pressure, light, or something else?
  • What range do you need to cover? How critical is accuracy?
  • Contact or non-contact? Liquid, gas, or solid? Do you need probes, alligator clips, or a test lead set?
  • How long must the probes be? What kind of environment will they be used in?
  • What are your safety requirements? Does your environment demand a particular safety rating?


Which Fluke Test Probe is the Best?


All Fluke test tools are engineered to the same exceptional standards, so there's no single "best" Fluke probe. There is, however, a best Fluke probe for you. Think about the way you work and what you need your multimeter to do. Fluke makes probes designed for high or low voltage and temperatures, for quick field measurements or monitoring over time, for AC current, DC current, or both. Some applications require multiple probes, while others may work better with clips or leads. Here at Transcat, we carry the widest selection of Fluke measurement products at the best prices. So why not pick up a variety of probes or a multifunctional probe set so you have all of your bases covered?


  • Alligator clips stay securely attached for measurement monitoring, while long, sharp, and/or narrow probes can reach into difficult spots.
  • Measuring gas requires an air probe, while immersion probes work best for liquids and surface probes work best for solids.
  • If you work with low voltage equipment that operates at high frequencies, it's important to have a probe that can accurately measure both voltage and frequency at once.
  • Temperature measurements that require a high level of accuracy within a narrow range may require a specialty probe, but general-purpose temperature probes are fine for most applications.


Fluke Probes and Test Tools Are the World's Most Trusted


  • Fluke test probes are designed and manufactured with a "quality first" outlook
  • Fluke's award-winning craftsmanship is fueled by feedback from professionals like you
  • Functional design, sturdy construction, quality materials, and close attention to detail make every Fluke probe an industry leader


Streamline Your Workflow Today With Fluke Probes and Accessories


For more information on selecting the right Fluke probes for your facility, please use our Live Chat system located on the right side of the page, our Request a Quote form, or call Transcat directly at 800-828-1470.

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  1. Fluke 80PK-22

    SureGrip Immersion Temperature Probe

    Order #: 80PK-22

    Mfg #: 80PK-22

    In stock

    $101.99 USD

    $90.67 USD

  2. Fluke I-1010

    AC/DC Clamp-on Current Probe 600A/1000A

    Order #: I-1010

    Mfg #: I1010

    In stock

    $424.99 USD

    $382.49 USD

  3. Fluke I410

    AC/DC Clamp-on Current Probe, 400A

    Order #: I-410

    Mfg #: I410

    In stock

    $269.99 USD

    $242.99 USD

  4. Fluke I430-FLEXI-TFII-4P

    6000A Thin Flexi, 24" (61cm) 4-Pack

    Order #: I430-FLEXI-TFII-4P

    Mfg #: I430-FLEXI-TFII-4P

    In stock

    $1,499.99 USD
  5. Fluke FUSE-440MA/1000VB5

    440MA/1000V Fuses for 87-V

    Order #: 203414

    Mfg #: 203414

    In stock

    $25.30 USD

    $22.49 USD

  6. Fluke I6000S FLEX-36

    AC Current Probe

    Order #: I6000S FLEX-36

    Mfg #: I6000S FLEX-36

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $799.99 USD

    $719.99 USD

  7. Fluke FUSE-11A/1000V B5

    11A, 1000 V Fuse for 87-5

    Order #: 203406

    Mfg #: FUSE-11A/1000V B5

    In stock

    $46.50 USD

    $41.34 USD

  8. Fluke I2000 FLEX

    I2000 Flex AC Current Clamp

    Order #: I2000 FLEX

    Mfg #: I2000 FLEX

    In stock

    $399.99 USD

    $359.99 USD

  9. Fluke 80K-40

    High Voltage Probe

    Order #: 80K-40

    Mfg #: 80K-40

    In stock

    $224.99 USD

    $202.49 USD

  10. Fluke I2500-18

    iFlex Flexible Current Probe 18 inch

    Order #: I-2500-18

    Mfg #: FLUKE-I2500-18

    In stock

    $149.99 USD

    $133.34 USD

  11. Fluke L215

    SureGrip Kit with Probe Light and Probe Extender

    Order #: L215

    Mfg #: L215

    In stock

    $101.99 USD

    $90.67 USD

  12. Fluke 80K-6

    High Voltage Probe

    Order #: 80K-6

    Mfg #: 80K-6

    In stock

    $134.99 USD

    $120.01 USD

  13. Fluke I1000S

    AC Current Clamp-On Probe 1000A

    Order #: I1000S

    Mfg #: I1000S

    In stock

    $574.99 USD

    $517.49 USD

  14. Fluke I2500-10

    iFlex Flexible Current Probe 10 inch

    Order #: I-2500-10

    Mfg #: FLUKE-I2500-10

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $149.99 USD

    $133.34 USD

  15. Fluke I430-FLEXI-TF-II

    6000A Thin Flexi, 24" (60cm)

    Order #: I430-FLEXI-TF-II

    Mfg #: I430-FLEXI-TF-II

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $499.99 USD

    $449.99 USD

  16. Fluke TP220

    SureGrip Industrial Test Probes

    Order #: TP20

    Mfg #: TP220

    In stock

    $20.49 USD

    $18.22 USD

  17. Fluke FTP-1

    Fused Test Probe Set

    Order #: FTP-1

    Mfg #: FTP-1

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $102.99 USD

    $91.56 USD

  18. Fluke TP81

    Insulation Piercing Probes w/Banana Jack

    Order #: TP81

    Mfg #: TP81

    In stock

    $61.99 USD

    $46.49 USD

  19. Fluke I200

    200A AC Clamp with Banana Jack

    Order #: I-200

    Mfg #: I200

    In stock

    $159.99 USD

    $142.23 USD

  20. Fluke I3000S

    AC Current Probe

    Order #: I-3000S

    Mfg #: I3000S

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $624.99 USD

    $562.49 USD

  21. Fluke TP38

    Slim-Reach Test Probe Set, Insulated

    Order #: TP38

    Mfg #: TP38

    In stock

    $20.49 USD

    $18.22 USD

  22. Fluke TP920

    Test Probe Adapter Set

    Order #: TP920

    Mfg #: TP920

    In stock

    $40.99 USD

    $36.44 USD

  23. Fluke TP175

    TwistGuard Premium Test Probes 2mm Dia.Probe Tips

    Order #: TP175

    Mfg #: TP175

    In stock

    $25.99 USD

    $23.11 USD

  24. Fluke TP74

    Test Lead Accessory Set, Lantern Tip Test Probe,Red/Blk

    Order #: TP74

    Mfg #: TP74

    In stock

    $20.49 USD

    $18.22 USD

  25. Fluke TP1

    Slim Reach Flat Blade Probe for Fluke Lead Sets

    Order #: TP1E

    Mfg #: TP1

    In stock

    $20.49 USD

    $18.22 USD

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Items 1-25 of 65

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