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Fluke Laser Distance Meters

Fluke Laser Distance Meters

Distance measurement and laser alignment, whether it’s in the field or within a facility, has to be extremely precise and accurate to ensure the best possible results, particularly when you’re planning equipment placement. Guaranteeing accurate measurements requires more than measuring a room by hand – it requires well-tuned, perfectly calibrated measuring tools, like Fluke laser distance meters from Transcat.

Fluke laser distance meters use advanced, carefully calibrated technology and an extra bright 2-laser system to measure distances to within a one millimeter differential. This point-and-shoot system is fast, easy-to-use, and features a simple control system that can be operated with one hand. As an authorized Fluke test equipment supplier, Transcat proudly offers several different Fluke laser distance meters designed to provide our customers with an indispensable tool for their workplace.


Fluke Laser Distance Meter Features & Benefits


    Advanced two laser technology. Accurately measure distances of up to 100 meters (330 feet) Consistently better accuracy when compared to ultrasound systems. Quickly measure area, volume, and distance with one tool. Accurate up to 1 millimeter (1/32 inch)Easily perform quick addition and subtraction calculations. Long battery life with automatic shut-off. Advanced storage logs up to 20 measurements for future review. Available with incline sensor and compass options for some models. Accurately measure height with full Pythagoras function. AAA batteries, user’s manual, and carrying pouch. 3-year warranty on all models


What Are Fluke Laser Tape Measurers Used For?


Fluke laser distance meters are designed to quickly and accurately find the distance between the operator and the target, and obtain volumetric measurements within a given area. These advanced, yet easy-to-use tools are useful in nearly any industry or application where quickly obtaining distance measurements is required, including construction, commercial and residential remodeling, facility planning, and more.


Learn More about Fluke Laser Distance Meters


Please call 800-828-1470 today for more information or to buy a Fluke laser distance meter. You can also speak directly to a trained Transcat associate using our Live Chat system, which is located on the right-hand side of this page, or fill out our online Request a Quote form.

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  1. Fluke 424D

    330'(100m)Laser Distance Meter

    Order #: 424D

    Mfg #: FLUKE-424D

    In stock

    $429.99 USD

    $386.99 USD

  2. Fluke 419D

    260'(80m)Laser Distance Meter

    Order #: 419D

    Mfg #: FLUKE-419D

    In stock

    $299.99 USD

    $269.99 USD

  3. Fluke 414D

    165'(50m)Laser Distance Meter

    Order #: 414D

    Mfg #: FLUKE-414D

    In stock

    $142.99 USD

    $127.12 USD

  4. Fluke 414D/62MAX+

    Kit, 414D Laser Distance Meter and 62MAX+ IR Thermometer

    Order #: 414D/62MAX+

    Mfg #: FLUKE-414D/62MAX+

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $259.99 USD

    $233.99 USD

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