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Fluke Rack Mounts & Stands

Fluke Rack Mounts & Stands

Fluke Rack Mounts and Stands Offer Precision and Strength


Sometimes your test and measurement equipment needs to be portable, but for other applications, stationary security is key. Fluke rack mounts and stands for Fluke test tools are designed to be strong, durable, and carefully sized to your device to eliminate wobble and slipping, so you can rest easy knowing that your mounted device isn’t going anywhere. Precision engineering, innovation, and pride in craftsmanship are the Fluke hallmarks, and these important values even extend to device storage and placement solutions.


What Options Exist?


Many Fluke devices are sold in kits that include any necessary rack mounts and stands, but if your device did not, you’re in luck. Fluke manufactures a variety of options for mounting, resting, or storing your device, and Transcat has them all. Some options are multifunctional, while others are designed to perfectly fit a specific device. Check your Fluke test equipment manual to see which one is recommended for your device and application, or give us a call — our experts are always standing by to help you find what you need.


  • Hangers — Fluke’s meter hanging kit is a great way to store Fluke digital multimeters, process calibrators, insulation testers, and any other handheld test tool device. Offering both strap and magnet hanging options, this rack keeps your devices safely stored and easily accessible. The secure locking feature prevents falls from inadvertent bumps or movement without complicating intentional removal.
  • Mounts — Fluke offers magnet mount, pole mount, and rack mount kits in device-specific designs. Heavy-duty brackets provide ultra-secure mounting, while Fluke’s precision engineering ensures a proper fit. Specific features and benefits vary depending on the intended environment, but all are constructed out of high-quality materials to ensure long life.
  • Stands  mWhether you need a stand for resting your device or using your device, Fluke has you covered. Test stands keep your measurement device motionless at a known location in three-dimensional space for more accurate calibration calculations, and holding stands function as a rest to keep your device securely where you left it.


Transcat is Your Home for Fluke Precision Craftsmanship


  • Transcat carries more Fluke test equipment than anyone else, at the very best prices, and over 3,000 of our products are available for same-day shipping. Why bother with anyone else?
  • Our highly trained experts are always here to help you find the right solution for your application, answer your questions, or even just help you get the most out of your device.
  • Our calibration labs hold one of the largest scopes of accreditation in the business, and we offer new-product calibration before your device even leaves our facility.


Keep Your Test Equipment Secure, Starting Now!


For more information on selecting the right Fluke rack mounts and stands, please use our Live Chat system, which is located on the right side of the page, fill out our Request a Quote form, or call Transcat directly at 800-828-1470.


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  1. Fluke Toolpak

    Meter Hanging Kit

    Order #: TPAK80-4

    Mfg #: TPAK

    In stock

    $45.99 USD

    $40.89 USD

  2. Fluke 810SMM

    Sensor Magnet Mount for 810 Vibration Tester

    Order #: 810SMM

    Mfg #: 810SMM

    In stock

    $249.99 USD

    $224.99 USD

  3. Fluke 1730-HANGER

    173X Series Hanger Kit

    Order #: 1730-HANGER

    Mfg #: FLUKE-1730-HANGER

    In stock

    $69.99 USD

    $62.22 USD

  4. Fluke H3

    Holster for the Fluke 330 Series Clamp Meters

    Order #: H3

    Mfg #: H3

    In stock

    $35.99 USD

    $32.00 USD

  5. Fluke Y8846D

    Rack Mount Kit,Dual,19" for 8845A/8846A

    Order #: Y8846D

    Mfg #: Y8846D

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $135.00 USD

    $120.02 USD

  6. Fluke N5K RACK KIT

    19 Inch Rack Mount Kit with Handles

    Order #: N5K RACK KIT


    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $379.99 USD

    $341.99 USD

  7. Fluke TI-TRIPOD3

    Tripod MTG Accessory/Holder for TI200-TI300-TI400

    Order #: TI-TRIPOD3

    Mfg #: FLK-TI-TRIPOD3

    In stock

    $99.99 USD

    $88.89 USD

  8. Fluke 810SMP

    Sensor Mounting Pads for 810 Vibration Tester

    Order #: 810SMP

    Mfg #: 810SMP

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $29.99 USD

    $26.66 USD

  9. Fluke Y200F

    Rack Mount Kit,Full-Rack 282/284/292/294

    Order #: Y200F

    Mfg #: Y200F

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $415.00 USD

    $373.50 USD

  10. Fluke Y8846S

    Rack Mount Kit,Single for 8845A/8846A

    Order #: Y8846S

    Mfg #: Y8846S

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $95.00 USD

    $84.46 USD

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10 Item(s)

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