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Fluke Repair Parts & Fuses

Fluke Repair Parts & Fuses

Fluke Repair Parts and Fuses


All Fluke test tools are manufactured to the same impeccable standards of precision engineering, rugged design, and top-of-the-line materials, but even the highest quality test equipment has a finite life span. Generally, full replacement is unnecessary, and a few Fluke replacement parts will do the trick.


Simplify ordering by checking your service manual to find the part number of the components, fuses, assembly, or Fluke tool repair kits you need. If the part you need is not listed, it may not be user-replaceable.


What You Need to Know


  • Fluke manufactures several hundred thousand parts, modules, and subassemblies engineered specifically for Fluke test equipment, so you can rest assured that all replacement parts meet Fluke’s original equipment standards.
  • All Fluke replacement parts come with a full 90-day warranty against defects in workmanship or materials.
  • It is recommended that paired parts be ordered as pairs, even if only one of the two needs replacing. Replacing both parts at the same time guarantees that your Fluke tools will return to Fluke’s high level of performance standards, and eliminates the risk of reduced accuracy due to mismatched parts.
  • Calibration services may also be called for after a repair, depending on the part and the device, especially if you’ve replaced a component directly involved in taking the measurement. Transcat's world-class calibration labs will be happy to test and adjust your device, to give you the peace of mind and high precision that comes with expert service and accredited calibration.


Which Fluke Parts Can be Replaced?


Check your Fluke service manual to determine whether you can make the necessary repair yourself, or if it’s something best left to a service center. Repairs that could potentially cause hazardous conditions for either you or the device are best left to the pros, but certain repairs are simple to do yourself.


  • Fuse Replacement — Fluke manufactures replacement fuses for all of their devices, so check your manual to determine which one you need. Using the incorrect fuse can lead to dangerous situations, so each device is matched to a specific fuse based on amperage, interrupt, and voltage ratings. It may also void your warranty or cause irreparable damage to your device, so it’s crucial that you select the fuse recommended for your device.
  • General Maintenance eYou use your Fluke digital multimeter every day, but when was the last time you really looked at it? Chances are, it’s getting pretty grimy. Fluke MeterCleaner wipes are custom-designed to safely clean your meter without excess liquid or too-harsh chemicals. Pre-soaked with an electronics-safe, industrial-strength cleaning solution, these wipes will remove grime and grease to keep your equipment looking new.
  • Minor Replacements inWhen your battery dies, do you replace it carefully, or do you just rely on Fluke ruggedness to survive the quick slam-and-swap? Over time, this can be hard on the battery compartment — luckily, here at Transcat, a new battery door assembly repair kit or a replacement Fluke battery is only a click or call away!
  • Keep on Hand eeWhenever your test equipment involves wires, it’s good to keep extra wire around for repair, replacement, or even just extending reach. Fluke extension wire kits include male/female connectors to make the process even easier.


Find the Fluke Parts and Fuses You Need at Transcat!


For more information on selecting the right Fluke repair parts and fuses, please use our Live Chat system, which is located on the right side of the page, fill out our Request a Quote form, or call Transcat directly at 800-828-1470.

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  1. Fluke FUSE-440MA/1000VB5

    440MA/1000V Fuses for 87-V

    Order #: 203414

    Mfg #: 203414

    In stock

    $25.30 USD

    $22.49 USD

  2. Fluke FUSE-11A/1000V B5

    11A, 1000 V Fuse for 87-5

    Order #: 203406

    Mfg #: FUSE-11A/1000V B5

    In stock

    $46.50 USD

    $41.34 USD

  3. Fluke 2002234

    Fuse for Fluke-725

    Order #: 2002234

    Mfg #: 2002234

    In stock

    $18.92 USD

    $16.82 USD

  4. Fluke MC50

    MeterCleaner Wipes, Set of 50

    Order #: MC50

    Mfg #: MC50

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $101.99 USD

    $90.67 USD

  5. Fluke 803293

    Fuse for the 73-3, 87-V, 83-3

    Order #: 803293

    Mfg #: 803293

    In stock

    $9.58 USD

    $8.52 USD

  6. Fluke MC6

    MeterCleaner Wipes, Set of 6

    Order #: MC6

    Mfg #: MC6

    In stock

    $20.49 USD

    $18.22 USD

  7. Fluke DR80

    Meter Display Upgrade Kit for 80 Series

    Order #: DR80

    Mfg #: DR80

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $81.99 USD

    $72.89 USD

  8. Fluke 3766406

    Main Battery Door Assembly

    Order #: 3766406

    Mfg #: 3766406

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $18.36 USD

    $16.32 USD

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