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Fluke Test Tools & Measurement Instruments

Fluke Test Tools & Measurement Instruments

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Why buy Fluke from Transcat? It's simple. Transcat offers the best technical & sales support, carries the largest inventory of Fluke products, and offers optional in-house accredited calibration services so that your equipment arrives ready to comply with the most stringent quality and calibration programs. Fluke Test and Measurement Tools are the most trusted in the world, and Transcat makes it easier than ever to research Fluke products, purchase the right tool for your application, or calibrate your instruments. 


To find the perfect Fluke tool for your job, browse Transcat's comprehensive selection of product categories below. For more information, you can contact a Transcat sales and technical service representative at sales@transcat.com, by clicking the Live Chat button to the right of your page, or at 800.828.1470.


To place an order, simply add your product(s) to your cart and follow the checkout process. To request a quote, please submit Transcat's QuickQuote form or click the Add to Quote button from any product page. 


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What Transcat's Fluke customers are saying...


 5/5 Stars – Great products and service

I've placed a few orders for Fluke instruments with Transcat over the past several years.  Their website is excellent; it makes it easy to choose the appropriate model for your application.  You can easily see all the related products and select the optional accessories that are you desire.

 -Project Engineer, Industrial Manufacturer


 5/5 Stars – Fluke 87V/IMSK

Just received my order.  Ordering process was simple and package tracking was great.  Tried it out on a few functions and it works great…

-Engineering Services Company


5/5 Stars – A+ service

We decided to buy a new Visual IR Thermometer and were pleasantly surprised that you were offering a bundle deal and the opportunity to Best in Test per Fluke after order...after calling and chatting with a lovely lady in customer service it was determined that the material was all in stock... She was able to help process the order and get it out the next day.....Thank You!

-Purchasing Manager, Industrial Repair Company


5/5 Stars – Fast Shipping

Item was shipped and received fast to Puerto Rico. Item was received as described in the website. Easy selection of items for my Fluke multimeter.

 -Agricultural Chemical Manufacturer


 4/5 Stars – Little ripple, but handled well.

I ordered a Fluke 754, and haven't bought from Transcat in a while...The sales person was very professional, and we got the transaction rolling, with free second day freight.  Well done!

 -Electrical Contractor


 5/5 Stars – very helpful with part info, thanks very much.

Very helpful with part info, thanks very much. Fluke would not work with me on part number and Transcat came through with part number and getting it here quickly.

 -Electrical Power Utility


5/5 Stars – Satisfied!!!

Transcat came to the rescue with stock of the Fluke 830 Laser alignment. The unit worked well and the deliverable was great.

 -Chemical Manufacturer



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Fluke 754 Multifunction Calibrator Product Tour

The 754 is everything you needed and wished for in the 744 and more! HART communication capability is combined to deliver an integrated communicating calibrator. This rugged, reliable tool is ideal for calibrating, maintaining, and troubleshooting HART and other instrumentation.

View the 754

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  1. Fluke TI450

    Thermal Imager; 320x240; 60 HZ MultiSharp Focus; Wireless

    Order #: TI450

    Mfg #: FLK-TI450 60HZ

    In stock

    $8,499.99 USD
  2. Fluke 279FC

    Digital Multimeter with built-in thermal imager

    Order #: 279FC

    Mfg #: FLUKE-279FC

    In stock

    $999.99 USD

    $899.99 USD

  3. Fluke BP190

    NiMH Battery Pack

    Order #: BP190

    Mfg #: BP190

    In stock

    $179.99 USD

    $160.01 USD

  4. Fluke C125

    Case for Fluke 120 Series ScopeMeters

    Order #: C125

    Mfg #: C125

    In stock

    $39.99 USD

    $35.55 USD

  5. Fluke 3PR

    3 Point Laser Level Red

    Order #: 3PR

    Mfg #: FLUKE-3PR

    In stock

    $269.99 USD

    $242.99 USD

  6. Fluke LDR

    Red Line Laser Detector

    Order #: LDR

    Mfg #: FLUKE-LDR

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $89.99 USD

    $80.00 USD

  7. Fluke 3000FC/TPAK

    Fluke-3000FC w/TPAK Meter Hanging Kit

    Order #: 3000FC/TPAK

    Mfg #: 3000FC/TPAK

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $343.99 USD

    $309.59 USD

  8. Fluke 3PG

    3 Point Laser Level Green

    Order #: 3PG

    Mfg #: FLUKE-3PG

    In stock

    $329.99 USD

    $296.99 USD

  9. Fluke 180LG

    2 Line Laser Level Green

    Order #: 180LG

    Mfg #: FLUKE-180LG

    In stock

    $479.99 USD

    $431.99 USD

  10. Fluke 180LG SYSTEM

    Green Line Laser w LDG Detector

    Order #: 180LG STSTEM

    Mfg #: FLUKE-180LG STSTEM

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $600.00 USD

    $540.00 USD

  11. Fluke 180LR

    2 Line Laser Level Red

    Order #: 180LR

    Mfg #: FLUKE-180LR

    In stock

    $379.99 USD

    $341.99 USD

  12. Fluke 180LR SYSTEM

    Red Line Laser w LDG Detector

    Order #: 180LR SYSTEM

    Mfg #: FLUKE-180LR SYSTEM

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $509.99 USD

    $458.99 USD

  13. Fluke TIX620 30HZ

    Thermal Imager; 640x480; 30 Hz

    Order #: TIX620 30HZ

    Mfg #: FLUKE-TIX620 30HZ

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $21,995.00 USD
  14. Fluke LDG

    Green Line Laser Detector

    Order #: LDG

    Mfg #: FLUKE-LDG

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $99.99 USD

    $88.89 USD

  15. Fluke TIX580 60HZ

    Thermal Imager; 640x480; 60 HZ with SuperResolution

    Order #: TIX580-60HZ

    Mfg #: FLK-TIX580 60HZ

    $16,995.00 USD
  16. Fluke TI480

    Thermal Imager; 640x480; 60 HZ with SuperResolution

    Order #: TI480-60HZ

    Mfg #: FLK-TI480 60HZ

    In stock

    $13,999.00 USD
  17. Fluke 754

    Documenting Process Calibrator with HART Instrument

    Order #: 754

    Mfg #: FLUKE-754

    In stock

    $6,999.99 USD
  18. Fluke 754 VIP2

    Documenting Process Calibrator VIP

    Order #: 754-VIP2

    Mfg #: FLUKE-754

    In stock

    $6,999.99 USD
  19. Fluke CV400

    4" IR Window,Hand Turn Door Latch

    Order #: CV400

    Mfg #: FLUKE-CV400

    In stock

    $499.99 USD

    $449.99 USD

  20. Fluke 87-5

    Industrial True RMS Multimeter with Temperature

    Order #: FLUKE-87-5

    Mfg #: FLUKE-87-5

    In stock

    $429.99 USD

    $386.99 USD

  21. Fluke 789

    Process Meter

    Order #: 789E

    Mfg #: FLUKE-789

    In stock

    $999.99 USD

    $899.99 USD

  22. Fluke Calibration 9102S

    Handheld Dry-Well, -10C to 122C (14F to 252F) @ 23C, NIST

    Order #: 5961T

    Mfg #: 9102S-156-TRAN

    In stock

    $3,460.00 USD
  23. Fluke 789 VIP Kit

    Process Meter VIP Kit

    Order #: 789E-VIP

    Mfg #: FLUKE-789

    In stock

    $999.99 USD
  24. Fluke 725

    Multifunction Process Calibrator

    Order #: 725E

    Mfg #: FLUKE-725 US

    In stock

    $2,749.99 USD
  25. Fluke 1736

    3-Phase Energy Logger EU/US Version

    Order #: 1736/EUS

    Mfg #: 1736/EUS

    In stock

    $4,799.99 USD

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Items 1-25 of 1318

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