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FLIR Digital Multimeters

FLIR Digital Multimeters

If you are a building inspector, electrician, or anyone who needs reliable readouts, you’ll want to take a look at our top-selling FLIR DM92 and DM93 digital multimeters. These tools go well beyond the basics. Noisy signals, ghost voltage readings, and other problematic scenarios turn into simple non-issues with the world-class features found in these DMMs.


At Transcat, we know our customers are ready to take on any challenge. With these new FLIR multimeters, you can handle anything, and do it safely:


  • Worklights brighten up dim areas
  • Batteries change out easily
  • Built-in tilt stands gives you two free hands to work with


The cutting edge DM93 even lets you work remotely with mobile device compatibility and continuous data recording. Pair all this with the FLIR TA72 or TA74 Flex Current Probe and you can really go anywhere.

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  1. FLIR DM284

    Imaging True RMS Industrial Multimeter with IGM

    Order #: DM284

    Mfg #: DM284

    In stock

    $750.00 USD
  2. FLIR IM75

    Insulation Tester/MultiMeter VFD & Bluetooth Meterlink

    Order #: IM75

    Mfg #: IM75

    In stock

    $599.99 USD
  3. FLIR DM93

    Digital Multimeter With VFD Mode And Meterlink

    Order #: DM93

    Mfg #: DM93

    In stock

    $349.99 USD
  4. FLIR DM92

    True RMS Industrial Multimeter VFD,Built-in LED Lights

    Order #: DM92

    Mfg #: DM92

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $299.99 USD
  5. FLIR IM75-NIST with NIST Certificate

    Insulation Tester/DMM + VFD with NIST calibration

    Order #: IM75-NIST

    Mfg #: IM75-NIST

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $749.99 USD

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