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Torque Calibration Services & Products

For Torque Calibration Services & Products

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20 Years Experience in Torque Calibration


Your most reliable resource for torque calibration, torque tools, and torque tool repair

Our customers depend on us to accurately and quickly source, calibrate and repair their torque tools. With nationwide lab coverage and the widest accredited range of torque services, we calibrate for both high-torque applications (such as wind turbine installation and maintenance) and those with very exacting low-torque requirements (such as medical implants).

Transcat also offers a wide range of torque wrenches, torque multipliers and other torque tools, from both traditional and dependable to the most precise and long-lasting torque tools  today.

Torque Calibration Services

A Leader in Calibration for Precision Manufacturing

  • Torque Calibration as high as 3000 ft.lbs and as low as 28 in.oz (1.7
  • Fast, reliable and accurate service “Your clicker wrench can be made as good as new”*

* if it is repairable - Turn times as low as 7 days for calibration

  • Transcat offers nationwide coverage – 6 fully-equipped ISO 17025-accredited calibration labs across the US and Canada
  • We calibrate and repair all brands and makes of torque wrenches in our special repair lab

Transcat is the only factory-authorized calibration and repair center for Stahlwille torque tools in North America.

Stahlwille Factory Authorized Service
  • Save time and money by not sending your tools overseas for calibration and repair
  • We are authorized to repair Stahlwille torque tools under factory warranty
  • We are factory-authorized to calibrate Stahlwille torque standards
  • 7-day turn-around times for most calibration services*

* Calibration and repair times vary depending on type

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Track your torque tools’ and testers’ performance online with our CalTrak Online system



20 years of Experience in Servicing the Wind Industry


Torque Products

Most Precise & Long Lasting Torque Tools

Save 10% on Stahlwille
The only clicker wrench with set-it-and-forget-it technology
No need to release the spring after every use

No springs, so no need to constantly re-adjust & re-calibrate Torque with assurance every time you pick up the wrench

No socket Easier to reach hidden spots

Replaceable ends with the same adjustment points for all attachments Torque every kind of fastener with the same wrench

Long-lasting Better lifetime value vs. traditional wrenches

“I never knew about Stahlwille until I started calibrating it. Now it’s the only clicker wrench I would buy.”Transcat torque calibration expert

Transcat - Stahlwille Torque Catalog

Save 35% on Wright Tool
Wright Tool has been manufacturing top-quality hand tools since 1927. The use of WrightAlloy™ steel, precision heat treating and advanced manufacturing techniques results in products of long life, durability and toughness at an affordable price.
  • Traditional clicker wrenches at an affordable price
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed for ASME Standards Conformance



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