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Power Quality Analyzer Calibration Services

Power Quality Analyzer Calibration Services

request a transcat calibration service quick quoteTranscat’s calibration services for power quality analyzers support your critical efforts in preventing, identifying, reporting, and acting on power issues. Transcat provides industry-leading ISO 17025-accredited calibration services that support accurate power, energy, and power quality readings, and with calibrated equipment from Transcat, you can be assured of accurate, real-time monitoring and trend information. Our precise laboratory or onsite calibration services are designed to prepare power analyzers for optimal performance. We’ll help you keep your analyzer, and your power distribution system, in great condition.

Know the Right Numbers: Power Quality Testing

Device calibrations can assist maintenance engineers and technicians in conducting power quality testing with a greater level of certainty. Following calibration, you’ll be confident in performing a variety of critical tasks:

  • Accurately monitor: see inrush current, voltage swells and dips, interruptions, and overvoltage
  • Precisely measure: record power, power factor, demand, load changes, active and reactive energy, voltage, and current
  • Know more: get a comprehensive view of power, harmonics details, and unbalance issues
  • Calculate correctly: figure energy losses and locate the source of energy waste
  • Troubleshoot right: find and report power system problems

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Transcat calibrates with exceptional quality and decades of comprehensive electrical laboratory experience:

Does Your Analyzer Support a Strong System?

Each of the metrology laboratories within Transcat’s North American calibration lab networkprovides accredited electrical calibration services with ISO 9001-compliant methods. These extensive services contribute to an instrument’s maintenance and service life, and can be performed in our lab or on your premises. Our industry-leading calibration capabilities can be keys to avoiding or decreasing costly downtime. Through highly skilled processes, we determine if your power analyzer or meter is reporting accurate measurements or proper power analysis. Keep instruments in shape by relying on a wealth of electrical calibration experience!

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For more information on the calibration of power quality analyzers, please use our Live Chat system, which is located on the right side of the page, our Request a Quote form, or call Transcat directly at 800-828-1470.

Power Quality Analyzer Calibration Lab Services