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CalTrak Metrology Management System

TRANSCAT has the solution to your worst audit nightmares...
  • Records Destroyed
  • Records Missing
  • Records separate from equipment
  • Data out of date
  • Calibration out of date
  • Non-compliant formats

Transcat's CalTrak Metrology Management System gives you much more than a database and control program; it offers you piece of mind that all of your data is certified to comply with the strictest quality standards and that it is protected and available, all of the time. Not only will your quality program pass audits with flying colors, you might finally be able to get a good nights sleep.

  • Safe, secure, off-site archive
  • All data available, on-line, all of the time
  • Instant and automatic updates, even from multiple locations
  • Prompts for scheduled intervals
  • Powerful on-line search criteria to expedite record retrieval
  • Uniform reports, labels and certificates
Confidence and Safety - Secure Records

Caltrak is the foundation of a comprehensive calibration quality program. This unique system is used by every technician in every job, whether in our facilities or at your site, for the documentation, tracking and control of the calibration process.

First and foremost, CalTrak ensures compliance by providing uniform certificates and data as calibration is performed. All of our verification procedures and data sheets are controlled documents that are also on-line and standardized. Calibration procedures are updated, quarterly, from the Department of Defense.

CalTrak is a safe, secure, off-site archive, eliminating concerns about records being lost or destroyed. Because it is an on-line central database, it can be instantly updated from any remote location. Technicians enter data via simple on-line forms. All certificates and reports are generated on the spot, as they are needed. The use of a unified database eliminates transcription errors - every report and certificate is produced in the same database.