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Agilent 06004

34405A Med

Agilent 34405A Digital Multimeter

  • Designed with 16 built-in measurement capabilities, including temperature and capacitance.
  • Read AC and DC measurements easily with its dual display
  • Enjoy greater connectivity with its USB 2.0 TMC-488.2 compliant interface
  • Comes with Agilent 10 Library Suite, Intuilink Datalogging software, IVI-COM and Labview drivers for ease of programming and data transfer to a PC
  • Available with optional Accredited DMM Calibration Services performed in one of Transcat's ISO 17025 Accredited labs

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Get acquainted with the Agilent 34405A Digital Multimeter that’s built to test and designed to save

Agilent takes pride in product excellence and reliability, and are constantly looking for newer and improved ways to add value to your usiness. That’s why we’ve come up with the new 34405A benchtop digital multimeter. You get all the tools you need at an affordable price without compromising the quality Agilent products are known for.

The Agilent 34405A digital multimeter offers a vast range of features designed exclusively to meet your testing needs and deliver quick and precise performance. You get fast and accurate results, every time. Its great usability lets you operate any function with ease, making measurement reading a cinch. Stay connected with its built-in USB interface and access or transfer data effortlessly. What's more, its 16 built-in measurement functions like temperature and capacitance are testament to its true value.

So when higher capabilities and lower costs are your priorities, the Agilent 34405A digital multimeter is undoubtedly your obvious answer

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For more details on the Agilent 34405A Digital Multimeter call Transcat at 800-828-1470.

Content was provided by Agilent Technologies.

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