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Rosemount (Emerson) Pressure, Level & Temperature Transmitters, Switches, Manifolds & Sensors

Rosemount, along with its parent company, Emerson, provides customized, configurable process management equipment for the oil & gas, chemical & power, and industrial energy industries. Rosemount pressure, level & temperature transmitters, switches, manifolds & sensors offer trusted technologies and best-in-class performance for a range of measurement applications. With reliable and configurable instrument options, Rosemount helps reduce off-spec product issues and maintenance downtime, while increasing safety, compliance and performance.

As an authorized Rosemount distributor, Transcat offers an expansive selection of the brand’s products including leading pressure, level and temperature transmitters, and has several Rosemount-trained product experts available to help configure the perfect product for your application.

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Rosemount 3051 Series: Industry Leading Transmitters

Rosemount 3051Manage your most demanding process control applications with the Rosemount 3051 series of pressure transmitters. Each one is designed to help decrease maintenance requirements and meet application-specific demands. The 3051CD Differential Pressure Transmitter delivers top tier performance with up to 0.04 percent reference accuracy and installed five-year stability. When you order a 3051, you gain the industry standard for Differential, Gage, and Absolute pressure measurement. So how else does the transmitter deliver tighter process control? 

  • Allows you to detect electrical loop integrity problems, before they impact operations
  • Provides the common Coplanar platform with Local Operator Interface (LOI)
  • Delivers wireless monitoring, configurable output, and customizable alerts

Rosemount 644 & 3144P Temperature Transmitters

Rosemount 3144PRosemount 644Rosemount has an impressive portfolio of temperature sensors and transmitters that come ready to work. Do you need to design solutions to match plant applications? Start with the Rosemount 644 Family of Smart Temperature Transmitters. You’ll have confidence in process decisions with 644 diagnostics, safety certification, and integral transient protection. The members of this transmitter family have proven their stability in demanding environments.

The Rosemount 3144P Smart Temperature Transmitter also delivers valuable insight into temperature processes, while providing remarkable accuracy and stability. The 3144 gives you reliable diagnostic capabilities and the Transmitter-Sensor Matching supports improvements to accuracy by as much as 75%! The 3144 simplifies plant engineering and delivers:  

  • Dual and single sensor capability, universal sensor inputs
  • User-friendly process alerts and dashboards
  • A large LCD display and rugged, dual compartment design

Rosemount Manifolds & Other Products

Rosemount 3051Rosemount offers a wide range of measurement products with highly accurate sensors for flow, level and pressure applications. The performance of a Rosemount differential pressure transmitter is expanded with integrated manifold, DP Flowmeter, and DP Level solutions. With their Coplanar design and quality construction, Rosemount manifolds can be combined with the Rosemount 3051 Pressure Transmitter. The company’s flowmeters can also be integrated for mass and energy capabilities. Transcat offers both pre-configured and configurable transmitters from Rosemount that can be utilized for flow, level and pressure sensing tasks. 

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Our factory-trained technical experts can assist you in navigating the complex Transmitter configuration process. Give us a call at 800-828-1470, complete our Contact form or use our Live Chat feature on the right!

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  1. Rosemount 3144PD1A1E5B4M5T1Q4

    Smart Temperature Transmitter 3144PD1A1E5B4M5T1Q4

    Order #: 3144PD1A1E5B4M5T1Q4

    Mfg #: 3144PD1A1E5B4M5T1Q4

    Order now or call for price and availability 800-828-1470

    $1,891.00 USD
  2. Rosemount 3144P

    Smart Temperature Transmitter 3144PD1A1E5B4M5

    Order #: 3144PD1A1E5B4M5

    Mfg #: 3144PD1A1E5B4M5

    Usually ships in 2-4 weeks

    $1,682.00 USD
  3. Rosemount 306

    Pressure Manifold - Manifold Style: Threaded

    Order #: 0306RT22BA11

    Mfg #: 0306RT22BA11

    Usually ships in 2-4 weeks

    $334.00 USD
  4. Rosemount 2088

    Pressure XMTR - Gage Pressure xmtr -14.7 to 800 psi/8 psi

    Order #: 2088G3S22A1

    Mfg #: 2088G3S22A1

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $1,380.00 USD
  5. Rosemount 3492

    Differential Control Unit - 4-20mA Output

    Order #: 3492L2P4I1

    Mfg #: 3492L2P4I1

    Usually ships in 2-4 weeks

    $2,127.00 USD
  6. Rosemount 3144PD1A1E5B4M5Q4

    Smart Temperature Transmitter

    Order #: 3144PD1A1E5B4M5Q4

    Mfg #: 3144PD1A1E5B4M5Q4

    Usually ships in 3-5 days

    $1,797.00 USD
  7. Rosemount M Series Float Switches

    Mobrey M-Switch

    Order #: SMA1

    Mfg #: SMA1

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $443.00 USD
  8. Rosemount 3051CD1W22B1AL4M4Q4P1D7

    Differential Pressure Transmitter

    Order #: 3051CD1W22B1AL4M4Q4P1D7

    Mfg #: 3051CD1W22B1AL4M4Q4P1D7

    Usually ships in 2-4 weeks

    $3,588.00 USD
  9. Rosemount 644HANAF6

    Smart Temperature Transmitter

    Order #: 644HANAF6

    Mfg #: 644HANAF6

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $778.00 USD
  10. Rosemount 2088G3S22A1B4E5

    Gage Pressure Transmitter

    Order #: 2088G3S22A1B4E5

    Mfg #: 2088G3S22A1B4E5

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $1,445.00 USD

List Grid

Items 1-10 of 9685

Set Ascending Direction
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