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Ralston Pressure Hoses, Adapters, Pumps, & Fittings

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Ralston Instruments (RI) engineers reliable equipment and systems for precise pressure calibration, and Since 1969, has continued its heritage as a family-owned company with an inventive spirit. This spirit led to the development of the industry’s first pneumatic and hydraulic hand pumps. Ralston also launched the first fully integrated system of RI hoses and adapters designed for low volume, high pressure connection to tested devices. Ralston delivers extreme precision during a range of industrial applications, with all products made in the USA .These products save businesses valuable time during critical pressure testing and maintenance. The company’s pressure sources are pinnacle products used for differential or static pressure calibrations. Transcat proudly distributes an outstanding selection of Ralston components for the calibration of pressure instruments.

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Ralston NPAK Nitrogen Pressure Sources

The NPAK products from Ralston provide solutions for performing nitrogen calibration of pressure instruments. A self-contained nitrogen source in the NPAK line allows for the precise calibration of differential and static pressure instruments. Calibration professionals can create the exact pressure needed, and:

  • Gain fingertip control with a pressure-balanced fine adjustment piston
  • Utilize pressure ranges from 0.03 psi to 3000 psi
  • Easily fill the nitrogen cylinder, which has a capacity for multiple calibrations
  • Attach a low volume Quick-test hose, gauge adapter and process connection

QTHA Quick Test with Ralston

Ralston QTHA-KIT4Use the Ralston line of Quick-test hose and adapters to create a secure, leak-free connection across all types of pressure references and processes. With the adapters, simply slide a probe into an O-ring to create a seal, while threads maintain the probe’s position. Quick test kits include commonly used industrial hoses and adapters, simplifying selections. 

  • The Ralston QTHA Universal Kit contains the fittings and hoses that connect to any pressure transmitter, gauge or manifold
  • Kit adapters are organized by type in a convenient carry case

Individual QTHA brass tube fittings connect with devices under test, no wrench needed. The fittings are:

  • Ideal for pressure calibration, gas sampling, pressure reading and testing
  • Designed to seal on an o-ring
  • Made for fast Quick-test hose connection/disconnection

Establish hundreds of connections during testing, calibrating, and sampling with Quick-Test fittings and hoses (QTQT).

Ralston Rugged HPGV Hydraulic Hand Pumps

Ralston HPGV PumpRalston rugged hand pumps offer maintenance professionals portability in a field-tested calibration device. When used with Quick-Test adapters, the pumps can make reliable connections to pressure references and the calibrated device. The hydraulic handheld pumps support simplified tests. A Ralston 3000PSI HPGV Pump gives you: 

  • Fine adjustment piston for fine-tuning exact pressure
  • Durable precision vent valve
  • Reservoir capacity to support multiple calibrations
  • Corrosion-resistant brass construction

Ralston Has Calibration Covered

Be sure to see our selection of Ralston hoses, adapters and hand pumps that address key areas of calibration. To learn more about Ralston Instruments, begin a Live Chat now or call 800-828-1470.

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  1. Ralston Instruments QTHA-3FSF-QD

    3/8"Female 37 degree Flare x Male Quick-test Adapter,SS

    Order #: QTHA-3FSF-QD

    Mfg #: QTHA-3FSF-QD

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $76.00 USD

    $73.72 USD

  2. Ralston Instruments QTHA-4MS0-QD

    1/2" Male NPT Quick-connext x male Quick-test, S.S.

    Order #: QTHA-4MS0-QD

    Mfg #: QTHA-4MS0-QD

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $74.00 USD

    $71.78 USD

  3. Ralston Instruments NPAK-TRS0-2MS0-2FSA

    Liquid Trap w/(2)Quick-test Ports,(1)1/4"NPTM,(1)1/4"NPTF

    Order #: NPAK-TRS0-2MS0-2FSA

    Mfg #: NPAK-TRS0-2MS0-2FSA

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $338.00 USD

    $327.86 USD

  4. Ralston Instruments QTHA-5FSF-QD

    5/8"Female 37 Degree Flare x Male Quick-test Adapter,SS

    Order #: QTHA-5FSF-QD

    Mfg #: QTHA-5FSF-QD

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $120.00 USD

    $116.40 USD

  5. Ralston Instruments QTFT-2MSO-AN-QD

    37 Degree Flare (AN/JIC) Male Quick Disconnect Fitting

    Order #: QTFT-2MSO-AN-QD

    Mfg #: QTFT-2MSO-AN-QD

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $51.00 USD

    $49.47 USD

  6. Ralston Instruments QSQS-HOS-12FT

    Quick-test 6900PSI Hose,SS Hose Ends,12ft.long

    Order #: QSQS-HOS-12FT

    Mfg #: QSQS-HOS-12FT

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $117.20 USD

    $113.68 USD

  7. Ralston Instruments 2L2L-HOS-2FT

    Quick Connect Test Hose,2ft. w/Female 37 Degree Flare Ends

    Order #: 2L2L-HOS-2FT

    Mfg #: 2L2L-HOS-2FT

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $148.60 USD

    $144.14 USD

  8. Ralston Instruments SO2006-BN


    Order #: SO2006-BN

    Mfg #: SO2006-BN

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $0.38 USD

    $0.37 USD

  9. Ralston Instruments QTHA-2MS0-AN-QD

    1/4"Male 37 deg.Flare(H04 AN/ JIC)x Male Quick-test,SS

    Order #: QTHA-2MS0-AN-QD

    Mfg #: QTHA-2MS0-AN-QD

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $36.60 USD

    $35.50 USD

  10. Ralston Instruments QTHA-3MS0-AN-QD

    3/8"F 37deg.Flare(H06 AN/JIC)x Male Quick-test,SS

    Order #: QTHA-3MS0-AN-QD

    Mfg #: QTHA-3MS0-AN-QD

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $48.00 USD

    $46.56 USD

  11. Ralston Instruments MM-QTHA-0036-SS


    Order #: MM-QTHA-0036-SS

    Mfg #: MM-QTHA-0036-SS

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $2.50 USD

    $2.43 USD

  12. Ralston Instruments SF-0003

    Brass Thumb Screw,6-32x1/4"

    Order #: SF-0003

    Mfg #: SF-0003

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $1.33 USD

    $1.29 USD

  13. Ralston Instruments QTFT-4MS0-QD

    1/2"NPTM Quick-connect x Male Quick-test w/Cap & Chain,SS

    Order #: QTFT-4MS0-QD

    Mfg #: QTFT-4MS0-QD

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $89.00 USD

    $86.33 USD

  14. Ralston Instruments 2S2S-HOS-10M

    Quick Test Hose,10m,SS Hose Ends,0-6900PSI(0-475bar)

    Order #: 2S2S-HOS-10M

    Mfg #: 2S2S-HOS-10M

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $202.08 USD

    $196.02 USD

  15. Ralston Instruments QTHP-BOTL

    Empty Bottle w/Flip Top for Hydraulic Pump Fluid

    Order #: QTHP-BOTL

    Mfg #: QTHP-BOTL

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $6.00 USD

    $5.82 USD

  16. Ralston Instruments QTFT-PLGS

    SS Quick-test Hose Plug & Chain only

    Order #: QTFT-PLGS

    Mfg #: QTFT-PLGS

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $20.00 USD

    $19.40 USD

  17. Ralston Instruments QTHA-3FSF-SK

    Replacement seals kit for 3/8" Flare Quick connect adapters

    Order #: QTHA-3FSF-SK

    Mfg #: QTHA-3FSF-SK

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $8.20 USD

    $7.95 USD

  18. Ralston Instruments XTHA-FRS0

    5/16"-24 UNF DP Transmitter x Male Quick-test Adapter,SS

    Order #: XTHA-FRSO

    Mfg #: XTHA-FRSO

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $57.10 USD

    $55.39 USD

  19. Ralston Instruments XTHA-HNS0

    1/4"-28 UNF DP Transmitter x Male Quick-test Adapter,SS

    Order #: XTHA-HNSO

    Mfg #: XTHA-HNSO

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $59.10 USD

    $57.33 USD

  20. Ralston Instruments GAUD-5000-ON

    Digital Pressure Gauge,0-5K PSI No Auto Shut-off

    Order #: GAUD-5000-ON

    Mfg #: GAUD-5000-ON

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $358.00 USD

    $347.26 USD

  21. Ralston Instruments QTHA-KIT4

    Universal Quick-test Hose and Adapter Kit

    Order #: QTHA-KIT4

    Mfg #: QTHA-KIT4

    In stock

    $975.95 USD

    $946.67 USD

  22. Ralston Instruments HPGV-0000

    3000PSI(210bar)HPGV Pump,1/4" NPTF Gauge Swivel,3ft.Hose

    Order #: HPGV-0000

    Mfg #: HPGV-0000

    In stock

    $437.30 USD

    $424.18 USD

  23. Ralston Instruments NPAK-0000

    Nitrogen Source Only

    Order #: NPAK-0000

    Mfg #: NPAK-0000-0-0

    Ships in 3-4 weeks

    $4,240.00 USD

    $4,112.80 USD

  24. Ralston Instruments XHGV-0000

    5000PSI(350bar)XHGV Pump,1/4" NPTF Gauge Swivel,3ft.Hose

    Order #: XHGV-0000

    Mfg #: XHGV-0000

    In stock

    $449.30 USD

    $435.82 USD

  25. Ralston Instruments QTFT-2MB0

    1/4"Male NPTxMale Quick-test no Check-valve w/Cap&Chain,Brass

    Order #: QTFT-2MB0

    Mfg #: QTFT-2MB0

    In stock

    $18.40 USD

    $17.85 USD

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