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Panametrics from GE

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Measurement and Control devices from GE offer integrated solutions for industry. Through its Panametrics brand, GE builds accurate, reliable flow meters, offering portable, fixed-installation, or ultrasonic meters for industrial applications. The brand is also globally recognized for its calibration equipment. The Control & Measurement division of GE provides valuable solutions to oil and gas, power generation, transportation and process industry customers.

Transcat carries a broad selection of the latest in GE's Panametrics liquid flow meters. When you need absolute dependability, choose products backed by GE’s dedication to innovation and Panametrics legacy of excellence in process control.

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GE's Panametrics Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeters

GE's Panametrics PT878The TransPort PT878 is a lightweight, portable flowmeter that’s easy to use out of the box. The GE's Panametrics PT878 measures flow from the pipe exterior without intrusions that can cause pressure leakage, fluctuation or contamination. Use the meter with a variety of pipe materials and sizes. It stands out from the competition with these features:

  • Patented ability to resolve transit-time signals
  • Measurements in a range of liquid types
  • IP67 submersible protection
  • Velocity, volumetric and energy flow rates
  • Internal data logging, with 100,000 flow data points stored

GE' Panametrics AT600 Ultrasonic Liquid FlowmeterThe AquaTrans line of flow meters comes with a sterling reputation for performance. If you need GE Druck reliability in combination with affordability, take a look at the AquaTrans AT600. This ultrasonic liquid flow meter can be installed quickly, with the transmitter unit placed at the point of process measurement. With its robust transducers, the accurate AT600 excels in the field. It is a complete system for measuring wastewater, irrigation water, industrial liquids and more.

GE's Panametrics Works for Industry

What can GE's Panametrics devices do for the health of your industry? If you have questions about the superior technology of this brand, please click the Live Chat button, or call us at 800-828-1470.

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  1. GE Panametrics M2LR-00-010-0

    Moisture Probe with NIST Certificate

    Order #: M2LR-00-010-0

    Mfg #: M2LR-00-010-00

    In stock

    $1,380.00 USD
  2. GE Panametrics DF868-2-11-100000-0

    Fixed Installation Digital Flow Meter

    Order #: DF868-2-11-100000-0

    Mfg #: DF868-2-11-100000-0

    Call for Availability

    $5,940.00 USD
  3. GE Panametrics OXYIQ-0-1-0-0-0

    Oxygen Transmitter No Sensor

    Order #: OXYIQ-0-1-0-0-0

    Mfg #: OXY.IQ-0-1-0-0-0

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $2,300.00 USD
  4. GE Panametrics PT878-1 for Rent

    Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeter FLV $7215

    Order #: PT878-1-RENT1

    Mfg #: PT878-1-RENT1

    In stock

    Call for Price

  5. GE Panametrics MISP2-2W-T00-0000

    Moisture Image Series Probe

    Order #: MISP2-2W-T00-000

    Mfg #: MISP2-2W-T00-0000

    Call for Availability

    $2,378.00 USD
  6. GE Panametrics PT878 VIP KIT 1

    Portable Transit Time Liquid Flowmeter Kit

    Order #: 75042PC-VIP1

    Mfg #: 75042PC-VIP1

    Call for Availability

    $8,258.00 USD
  7. GE Panametrics C-RS-401-00-0

    Pair of High Performance Clamp-On Transducers,0.5MHz

    Order #: C-RS-401-00-0

    Mfg #: C-RS-401-00-0

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $1,720.00 USD
  8. GE Panametrics PT878 VIP KIT 2

    Portable Transit Time Liquid Flowmeter Kit

    Order #: 75042PC-VIP2

    Mfg #: PT878-01

    Call for Availability

    $9,650.00 USD
  9. GE Panametrics PM880-1-2-1-0-0

    Panametrics Portable Hygrometer

    Order #: PM880-1-2-1-0-0

    Mfg #: PM880-1-2-1-0-0

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $6,000.00 USD
  10. GE Panametrics XMO2-XH-31-0-XCAL-511-0

    Thermoparamagnetic Oxygen Transmitter, 4-20mA

    Order #: XMO2-XH-31-0-XCAL-511-0

    Mfg #: XMO2-XH-31-0-XCAL-511-0

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $4,340.00 USD
  11. GE Panametrics OX-1

    Oxygen Sensor

    Order #: OX-1

    Mfg #: OX-1

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $425.00 USD
  12. GE Panametrics DEWIQ-231-0

    Bench Top, Single CH Moisture Analyzer, 100/120 VAC US NEMA

    Order #: DEWIQ-231-0

    Mfg #: DEW.IQ-231-0

    Call for Availability

    $3,153.00 USD
  13. GE Panametrics M2LRT

    Moisture Probe 3/4"

    Order #: M2LRT

    Mfg #: M2LRT-00000

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $1,499.00 USD
  14. GE Panametrics XMO2-2H-31-0-XCAL-611-0

    Thermoparamagnetic Oxygen Transmitter,4-20mA,316SS,Viton

    Order #: XMO2-2H-31-0-XCAL-611-0

    Mfg #: XMO2-2H-31-0-XCAL-611-0

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $5,000.00 USD
  15. GE Panametrics AT868-1-1-1

    Fixed Installation Flowmeter only

    Order #: AT868-1-1-1

    Mfg #: AT868-1-1-1

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $2,960.00 USD
  16. GE Panametrics PM880

    Portable Moisture Analyzer Bronze VIP Kit

    Order #: 15173AN-VIP3

    Mfg #: 15173AN-VIP3

    Call for Availability

    $8,660.00 USD
  17. GE Panametrics PT-SYS-1-1-SC-D-TG

    Portable Transit Time Liquid Flowmeter System

    Order #: PT-SYS-1-1-SC-D-TG

    Mfg #: PT-SYS-1-1-SC-D-TG

    Call for Availability

    $9,560.00 USD
  18. GE Panametrics PM880PKG-2-0-3-0-0-0

    Portable Hygrometer Package Hygrometer Probe/Sample System

    Order #: PM880PKG-2-0-3-0-0-0

    Mfg #: PM880PKG-2-0-3-0-0-0

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $7,995.00 USD
  19. GE Panametrics M2LRT-00-10-0

    Moisture Probe w/Nist cert

    Order #: M2LRT-00-10-0

    Mfg #: M2LRT-00-010-0

    Ships in 3-4 weeks

    $1,499.00 USD
  20. GE Panametrics XMT868I-1-21-00-0011-0

    Transmitter Style Fixed Installation Flowmeter

    Order #: XMT868I-1-21-00-0011-0

    Mfg #: XMT868I-1-21-00-0011-0

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $3,380.00 USD
  21. GE Panametrics C-RS-402-00-0

    High Performance Clamp-on Transducer

    Order #: 75097PC

    Mfg #: C-RS-402-00-0

    In stock

    $1,660.00 USD
  22. GE Panametrics XMT868I-1-11-00-0311-0

    Transmitter Style Fixed Installation Flowmeter

    Order #: XMT868I-1-11-00-0311-0

    Mfg #: XMT868I-1-11-00-0311-0

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $3,845.00 USD
  23. GE Panametrics M2LW-T0-010-0

    Moisture Probe W/NIST CERT

    Order #: M2LW-T0-010-0

    Mfg #: M2LW-T0-010-0

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $1,499.00 USD
  24. GE Panametrics PT878-1

    Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Transit Time for Liquids

    Order #: 75042PC

    Mfg #: PT878-1

    In stock

    $6,500.00 USD
  25. GE Panametrics AT868-2-2-1

    Fixed Installation Flowmeter, NEMA4X(IP65)Enclosure w/LCD

    Order #: AT868-2-2-1

    Mfg #: AT868-2-2-1

    Ships in 3-4 weeks

    $4,360.00 USD

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Items 1-25 of 453

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